Zhejiang International Studies University

Why Study at Zhejiang International Studies University, China

Brief Introduction

Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU), formerly named Zhejiang Education Institute, whose institution status change was approved by Chinese Ministry of Education in 2010, is a public university under the authority of Zhejiang Province. Situated beside the beautiful West Lake, Zhejiang International Studies University has a fifty-seven years’ educational history marked by efficient service for local economy and progressive development of internationalized talents.

1. History

1955 opened as Zhejiang Training School for Middle School Teachers

1956 merged with Zhejiang Training School for Primary School Teachers, and became Zhejiang College for Teacher Training

1958 renamed as Zhejiang Wenjiao College

1960 accredited as Zhejiang College of Education by Zhejiang Education Commission

1982 started offering part-time degree programs for teachers

1984 started offering degree programs by correspondence

1993 started enrolling full-time diploma students

1994 collaborated with Zhejiang Normal University and started enrolling full-time degree students

2002 accredited as Zhejiang University of Education by Zhejiang Provincial Government

2008 collaborated with Beijing International Studies University

2010 accredited as Zhejiang International Studies University by the State Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Provincial Government

2. Overview of Campus

At present, Zhejiang International Studies University has 7,300 full-time students studying in more than 30 majors for Bachelor’s degree or associate degree offered in 12 schools: School of English Language and Cultures, School of European and Asian Languages and Cultures, School of Chinese Language and Culture, School of International Business Administration, School of Education Science, School of Science and Technology, School of Art, School of Applied Foreign Languages, Department of Social Science, Department of Physical Education, School of International Education, and School of Continuing Education. Foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, international trade and tourism, international communication of Chinese language and culture, curriculum and instructional theory, and applied chemistry are the five key disciplines at the provincial level. In addition, Zhejiang International Studies University serves as a key base for teachers’ education and training at the provincial level and among its 14 research institutions, Institute of Latin American Studies is the forerunner in Zhejiang province.

3. Excellent Faculty

Zhejiang International Studies University has a faculty with high scholarly prestige and rich educational experience. The number of full-time teachers reaches 373, including 68 professors and 105 associate professors, 81 of whom hold a Ph. D. Among them, one is the National Outstanding Teacher, seven Provincial Outstanding Teachers, 21 Provincial Outstanding Talents and 11 Provincial Young Academic Leaders. Moreover, Zhejiang International Studies University currently employs 9 foreign experts and teachers.

4. Great Educational Infrastructure

Zhejiang International Studies University has two campuses with 23 labs, among which Foreign Language Lab is provincially representative. The University’s library holds under its roof a collection of nearly 781,200 books, 495,600 E-books and 1,070 academic journal in Chinese and foreign languages.

5. Honors and Achievements

Zhejiang International Studies University is a Key Training Base for Teachers in Zhejiang, Zhejiang Training Center for Education Administrators, Zhejiang Adjunct Center of UNESCO and International Research and Training Center for Rural Education.

In the past three years, the school teachers undertook 100 research projects in science, humanities and society of provincial and ministerial level of Ministry of education, including 20 National Social Science Fund projects and the National Natural Science Fund project, published more than 60 academic works and translations and more than 230 papers in , , , and other authoritative magazines and journals. A number of scientific research projects are awarded the Higher School Science Research Excellence (humanities and social sciences) award, the Ministry of Commerce National Business Development Research Award, the outstanding achievements of philosophy and Social Sciences in Zhejiang province award by the Ministry of education.

6. International Communication and Cooperation

Zhejiang International Studies University’s external exchange and corporations are increasing steadily. It established with colleges and universities in around 20 countries as well as some in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Chinese Taiwan.

Partner Institutions includes:

Washburn University

University of Central Arkansas

University of Wisconsin - River Falls UWRF ZISU Partnership

Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics

Josai International University

Queensland University of Technology

Saint Francis Xavier University



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