Zhejiang International Studies University

Overseas Students at Zhejiang International Studies University, China

Zhejiang International Studies University attaches great importance to international education and international students. College of International Education has been set up in full charge of international students and all the related foreign affairs. 

In order to encourage outstanding students to study in our school, the college sets up an outstanding student award for international students. In addition, foreign students in our school can apply for Zhejiang provincial government. At present, there are nearly 50 foreign students from more than 20 countries and regions studying in school each year. At the same time, the Institute also receives exchange students from various cooperation colleges in the United States, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Georgia to intern and study in our school.

Zhejiang International Studies University offers all kinds of short and long term Chinese, Chinese culture courses, it also offers English Teaching Business English, international economy and trade, and international business undergraduate courses, as well as other nearly 30 Chinese instructed undergraduate courses to foreign students. In addition to the Chinese learning and professional courses, the school also provides students with Chinese calligraphy, Chinese folk music, traditional Chinese painting, Taijiquan, paper cutting, cooking and other colorful Chinese culture courses.

Zhejiang International Studies University organizes rich and colorful language practice activities, sports activities and other colorful activities for all students, such as cultural study, Corporate communication, shopping in the supermarket, package dumplings game, "Dream Tour in Zhejiang" competition, the Mid Autumn Festival tea party, Christmas party, football, basketball, badminton match and weekly Chinese salon.



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