Zhejiang Ocean University

Overseas Students at Zhejiang Ocean University, China

Today Zhejiang Ocean University has 73 international students who are studying for different degrees in English taught programs. According to the laws, international students coming to China for study should use student's visa for entrance and use that visa to get residence permit within 30 days after entry. 

The international Office & Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office (international school) is the functional department in charge of international education and exchange affairs including affairs in Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan district in Zhejiang Ocean University. Its main duty is on developing external academic exchanges and scientific cooperation; inviting, employing and managing overseas experts and teachers, and providing services for them; recruiting and managing overseas students and international education cooperation.

There are many sports associations, art associations, academic associations, practical associations such as taekwondo, photography, engineering survey, socialization & manners, etc. at Zhejiang Ocean University, which can rich the extracurricular life of international students, raise their academic level, broaden their knowledge and develop new concepts. 



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