Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Accommodation in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China

On-Campus Accommodation

Friendship Building in Living Area II of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University is the assigned residence for international students. Both single and twin-bedded rooms are available. Each room has a separate restroom, TV, a telephone, an air-conditioner, a water heater, fridge, furniture and broadband internet connection (ADSL). Each floor has a public laundry and a shared kitchen.

Long-term students shall pay their residence fees by semester, and anyone who moves out during the semester will get part of their residence fees refunded by month accordingly; short-term students shall perform lump-sum payments for the entire residence period they have applied for. The residence deposit shall be paid together with the residence fee. When the check-out is handled, the deposit is refunded at the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Financial Office or Zhejiang Sci-Tech University International Students Office with the presentation of their check-out certificates issued by the services office of the international dorm building. The electricity bills generated in the dorms are for the students’ account.

The management of Friendship Building is regulated by the Administrative Regulations of Accommodations in International Students Apartments of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Students are required to live on campus provided that sufficient rooms are available. Students can apply for off-campus accommodation due to a limited number of rooms available or in special cases. Applicants need to submit to International Students Office Zhejiang Sci-Tech University APPLICATION FORM FOR OFF-CAMPUS ACCOMMODATION together with rental contracts, landlord’s ID copy and other necessary materials. Students shall register with the local police station for temporary residence registration within 24 hours upon moving in and take the Temporary Residence Registration Paper and report the address, contact number and other information to International Students Office.


The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!