Zhejiang University

Accommodation in Zhejiang University, China

On-Campus Hostel

The Foreign Experts and Overseas Students Service Center of Zhejiang University is responsible for providing services such as accommodation, food and drinks, management of the classrooms within the building of the International College etc. The main office of the Foreign Experts and Overseas Students Service Center is located on the 4th floor of International College Building on Yuquan Campus. The small coffee shop on the second floor of the lobby provides facsimile service.
International students living in school dormitories should observe Regulations on International Students Dormitory Management. Anyone who violates the regulations shall be penalized accordingly.
There are Cuibai Lyceum Dormitory, Zhukezhen Hall of International Education and No.31 Dormitory Building available to international students living on campus. Zhukezhen Hall has single room and double room for international students to choose. Cuibai Lyceum Dormitory and No.31 Dormitory Building have double room for international students. The hostel building equips with basic bedding, tables and chairs, bookcase, air conditioner, telephone, network interface and attached bathroom with 24 hours hot water supply.
Students living on campus should pay for housing promptly. Hostel fee is paid by year in general, or paid by semester with reasonable reasons provided. The accommodation fee includes certain quota of fee electricity and water. Students are required to pay internet fee by themselves and the electricity and water beyond the quota. A refundable accommodation deposit will be charged before check-in and the quota of free electricity is subject to change.
Please book accommodation in advance after receiving the admission letter.
Rent off the Campus
Off-campus accommodation is also permitted for international students at Zhejiang University.
The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!