HSK- Chinese Language Examination Centers in China

1.College of foreign language and Chinese education, Peking University

2.School of international cultural exchange, Beijing International Studies University

3.Beijing Chinese Academy

4.Beijing Education Examination Center


6.Beijing Luhe international school teaching Academy

7.Beijing Ritan International School

8.Beijing Normal University Teaching Service Center

9.Dongcheng District Beijing Vocational Education Center School

10.Experimental school attached to Capital Normal University, Beijing (Wangjing)

11.Center of foreign language, Capital Normal University, Beijing

12.International Exchange College, Beijing Foreign Studies University

13.Beijing foreign language and Culture Center

14.Beijing foreign enterprise service group international teaching center

15.Beijing Language and Culture University Chinese Language Proficiency Test Center

16.Department of Chinese language and literature, University of International Business and Economics

17.International Youth Research University (Beijing)

18.China International Itellectech Corp Training Center (Beijing)

19.The Academic Affairs Office of the Central University for Nationalities (Beijing)

20.Foreign Students Education College of Northeast Normal University

21.Examination center of Jilin University

22.Hunan Mass Media Vocational Technical College

23.International Chinese culture college, Hunan Normal University

24.Overseas Education College of Sichuan University

25.College of liberal arts, Dali University, Yunnan

26.Dalian Maple Leaf International School

27.College of Chinese studies, Dalian University of Foreign Languages

28.Liaoning Normal University academic affairs office examination center

29.Guangdong Dongguan Oriental Pearl International School

30.Students of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

31.College of international education, Guangzhou University

32.College of Chinese language and literature, Jinan University

33.International Exchange College, Zhongshan University

34.Guangxi Normal University International Exchange Division

35.School of continuing education, Harbin Institute of Technology

36.College of international culture and education, Heilongjiang University

37.College of international education, Zhejiang University

38.Academic Affairs Office of Inner Mongolia Normal University (minority)

39.College of international education, Shandong University

40.Shandong Normal University overseas test center

41.College of international education, Henan University

42.Students of Yunnan University

43.International language and culture college, Yunnan Normal University

44.School of international cultural exchange, Lanzhou University

45.Department of international cooperation and communication, Honghe University, Mengzi, Yunnan

46.International Exchange College, Nanchang University

47.Overseas Education College of Nanjing University

48.College of international culture and education, Nanjing Normal University

49.College of international education, Guangxi University For Nationalities

50.International Exchange College, Qiingdao University

51.International Exchange College of Fudan University (Shanghai)

52.College of foreign language and Chinese studies, East China Normal University

53.School of international cultural exchange, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

54.International Exchange College, Shanghai Univer

55.College of international education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

56.College of foreign language and Chinese studies, Shanghai Normal University

57.Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd.

58.Shanghai International Studies University overseas test center

59.Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School

60.Foreign Student Teaching Department of Shenzhen University

61.College of international education of Chinese language, Liaoning University

62.East Campus of Soochow University Overseas Education College

63.TLI Chinese Language Institute

64.College of Chinese language and culture, Nankai University

65.College of Chinese language and culture, Tianjin Normal University (Tianjin)

66.College of international education, Shandong University at Weihai

67.Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics Chinese Proficiency Test Office (minority)

68.School of international cultural exchange, Huazhong Normal University

69.Foreign Students Education College of Wuhan University

70.Xi'an Foreign College Chinese Academy

71.Academic Affairs Office of Qinghai Normal University (minority)

72.Huaqiao University (Jimei), Xiamen, Fujian, China

73.Overseas Education College of Xiamen University

74.School of international education and communication, Yantai University

75.College of Chinese language and culture, Yanbian University

76.College of liberal arts, Zhengzhou University

77.Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Foreign Language College


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