Literature Degree Program in China - Advertising

1. Introduction

Advertising is an independent subject, which studies the history, theory, strategy, production and management of advertising activities. Advertising knowledge is one of the components of journalism and economics discipline, such as journalism, marketing, enterprise management, business psychology all involve the content of advertising.

Advertising includes a series of principles and theories of advertising history, advertising writing, advertising planning, advertising strategy, advertising tactics, media selection, advertising psychology, advertising photography, advertising design, advertising management, advertising ethics. These principles and theories reveal the basic rules of advertising activities.

Advertising is a fringe science of combination, because advertising involves sociology, economics, psychology, journalism, communication science, linguistics, statistics, aesthetics, acoustic, optics, electrics and many other disciplines. At the same time advertising involves the knowledge of consumer psychology, marketing and other aspects. Advertising is an art, because advertising is to use the principle of art in terms of creative, text, picture, color, font and rhetorical. Advertising expresses product image, accurate, vivid, concise, distinct and full of artistic appeal to present advertising content through the artistic technique, to bring the consumer with beauty enjoy, causing consumers’ attention and interest to advertising.

2. Subject Nature

(1) Advertising and economics and marketing

(2) Advertising and communication

(3) Advertising and management

(4) Advertising and psychology

(5) Advertising and aesthetics, literature and art

(6) Advertising and public relations

3. Research Objects

The main research object of advertising is commercial advertising, that is, economic advertising or profit-making advertising.

Commercial advertisement is the advertising to promote the sales of goods or services by industry and agribusiness, economic units or group. The main advertising objects are the operators, users and consumers of all kinds of commodities, including two types of users and consumers: individuals and groups, also including production consumption and living consumption. Transmitters of the advertising are economic organizations or individuals who sell goods or services. The content of an advertisement is information about the sale of goods or services. The recipient of an advertisement is an economic organization or individual who needs to purchase the goods or services. Goods and services in the market movement are regular, advertising activities must follow the rules of the movement of these goods before they can get the greatest economic benefits. The purpose of advertising research is to discuss how to effectively promote the sales of goods and services.

4. Research Problems

Advertising is a subject on the methods and strategies of successful advertising activities of various social organizations. It is the law of the occurrence and development of advertising and the revelation of the theory of advertising.

Advertising studies the following issues:

(1) The development history of advertising

(2) The advertising talents and cultivation of advertising talents

(3) Advertising group

(4) Advertising plan

(5) Advertising strategy

(6) Advertising media

(7) Regulations for the administration of advertising

5. Research Methods

(1) Comparative reference method

(2) Concrete observation and analysis method

(3) The combination of qualitative and quantitative methods

(4) The combination of theory and practice

(5) System dynamic research method

6. Subject Tasks

(1) Advertising should explore the advertising law under market economy

(2) Define the basic concept and scope of the advertising, the internal logic of advertising theory

(3) Abstract successful advertising cases and excellent advertising art

(4) Guide the practice of advertising in theory to improve the level of advertising

7. Main Courses

Communication, advertising introduction, advertising planning and creative, advertising history, copywriting, advertising regulations and management, study of advertising media, advertising video and photography, practical art and advertising design, computer graphic design, advertising research, public relations, advertising effect evaluation, etc.

8. Training Objectives

Advertising is to cultivate senior specialized talents in advertising with theory and skills of advertising, a broad cultural and scientific knowledge, can engage in the department of media advertising, advertising companies, market research and information consulting industry and enterprises and institutions for advertising management, advertising creative and design, marketing planning and market research analysis.

9. Employment Prospects

Employment posts

Graphic designer, copywriter and planner, art designer, sales representative, sales manager, copywriter, marketing specialist, customer manager, recruitment specialist, planning manager, etc.


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