Science Degree Program in China - Agglomerate State Physics

1. Introduction

Agglomerate State Physics is the discipline starting from the microscopic point of view, studies the structure of agglomerate state consisting of a large number of particles (atoms, molecules, ions, electrons), dynamics process and the contact with the macroscopic physical properties. Condensed matter physics is an outward extension based on solid state physics. The research object is the physical phenomena and laws of condensed matter.

2. Research Content

High temperature superconducting physics, colossal magnetoresistance materials physics, magnetic physics and materials, new superconducting materials, low dimensional strong association system physics, spin electronics, nano clusters and mesoscopic physics, artificial microstructure and surface physics, etc.

3. Research Scope

Study the structure between atoms, electronic structure and various related physical properties of condensed matter. Research areas include solid state physics, crystal physics, metal physics, semiconductor physics, dielectric physics, magnetism, solid optical properties, low temperature physics and superconductivity, high pressure physics, rare earth physics, physics of liquid crystals, non crystal physics, low dimensional physics (including thin film physics, surface and interface physics and polymer physics, fluid physics, micro physical structure (including the mesoscopic physics and atomic cluster), defects and physical phase transition, nano materials and quasicrystal, etc.

4. Research Directions

Basic electronic properties of high temperature superconductors and related strongly correlated systems, low dimensional spin and charge system, basic electronic properties research of nano functional materials, basic properties of spin electronics materials. Advanced quantum mechanics, group theory, quantum statistical physics, solid state theory, superconductivity, magnetism physics, criticality and scaling analysis foundation, condensed state physics frontier, physics of high temperature superconductivity, solid state physics experimental method, spectrum and energy spectrum analysis etc.

5. Research Hotspots

1) Discovery of quasi crystal

2) Discovery of high temperature superconductor YBaCuO2 (yttrium barium copper oxide)

3) Nano science

4) The giant magnetoresistance effect of materials LaSrMnO3

5) New high temperature superconducting material MgB2

6. Training Objectives

This program develops high-level academic talents with solid and systematic condensed state physics theory basis and specialized knowledge, master modern physical technology analysis, understand condensed states physics frontier and dynamics, able to adapt to the needs of the development of economy, science and technology, education, can be independent in the science research and teaching of the frontier of the discipline and make creative achievements.

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the physics teaching, service and management in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, government departments and related fields, or in the information, materials, energy and other related high-tech enterprises and institutions engaged in technical work.


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