Management Degree Program in China - Management of Agricultural Economy

 1. Introduction

Management of Agricultural Economy is a general term of a series of work that conducts planning, organization, control, coordination to the economic activities like production, exchange, distribution and consumption in the overall process of agricultural, and proceeds personnel incentive, to achieve the desired purpose.

2. Social Functions

Management of agricultural economy is an important aspect of the development of national agricultural management. Its main task is to reasonably organize productivity, correctly deal with the production relations according to the requirements of the objective economic laws and the laws of nature in the agricultural production, in order to effectively use manpower, material resources, financial and natural resources, rationally organize production, supply and sales, properly deal with the relationship of material interests between the state, enterprises and workers, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the broad agricultural laborers and improve the economic benefit of agricultural production, to maximally meet the needs of the society for agricultural products.

3. Training Objectives

To cultivate senior management specialists that master the basic theory and management skills of modern agricultural economy management, and engage in the micro economic management and service of before, during and after agriculture.

4. Core Abilities

Skills in agricultural economy investigation and analysis, marketing and financial accounting

5. Main Courses

Agriculture economy basics, agriculture technical economy, introduction to agricultural products processing, management science principle, marketing, financial management, economic law, rural social economy statistics, rural fiscal and finance, agricultural economic survey, accounting simulation training, marketing comprehensive training, graduation position practice and so on.

6. Advanced Studies

Professional directions that can be set: computerized accounting, agricultural (livestock) products marketing.

7. Employment Prospects

Township enterprises, rural grass-roots government departments, market intermediary organizations, economic management in agriculture concerning enterprises.


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