Law Degree Program in China - Aviation law

1. Introduction

Aviation law is the general term for the regulation of airspace sovereignty, the management of air navigation and civil aviation activities, and is the law of the adjustment of civil aviation activities and related fields in the social relations. This is the general air law.

Air law in the narrow sense, refers specifically to the aviation code, such as China's “Civil Aviation Law”, the United States “1958 Federal Aviation Law, Russia “Federal Aviation Act ", the British “Civil Aviation Law" and so on.

In addition, from the perspective of international law, air law specially refers to the international aviation law consisting of a series of treaties system that adjusts the international air transport activities.

2. Related Concepts

1) The principle of territorial airspace sovereignty is a fundamental principle; it is the foundation of air law.

2) The social relation producing in civil aviation activity is the main adjustment target of air law.

3) In peacetime and under normal circumstances, civil aviation and non civil aviation should comply with the unified air traffic rules in the same airspace activities, the implementation of unified air traffic control, must carry out unified management of air navigation, to ensure the safety and unimpeded air navigation.

3. Origins of the Air Law

1) International Treaties: multilateral treaties, bilateral treaties, agreement etc.

2) International custom

3) Domestic law and judicial precedent

4. Characteristics

1) International

2) Independence

3) Public law and private law

5. Classification

1) Establish general aviation legal system

2) Treaties on air transport business

3) Treaties on the aviation security


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