Science Degree Program in China - Applied Chemistry

1. Introduction

Applied Chemistry is a discipline training senior specialized personnel with the basic knowledge, basic theory, basic skills of chemistry and the relevant technical knowledge of engineering and strong experimental skills, with scientific thinking and scientific experiment training in chemical basic research and applied basic research, can be engaged in the scientific institutions, higher schools and enterprises for scientific research, teaching and management work.

2. Branch Disciplines

Fine chemical engineering, polymer engineering, applied electrochemistry

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics, physics and so on.

2) Master the basic knowledge, basic principle and basic experiment skills of inorganic chemistry, analysis chemistry (including instrumental analysis), organic chemistry, physical chemistry (including chemical structure), fine chemical, biological chemistry, chemical engineering and chemical mapping.

3) Know the general principles and knowledge of similar programs.

4) Know the policy, laws and regulations in science and technology, chemical related products, intellectual property rights and other aspects.

5) Understand the theoretical frontiers, application prospects, the latest development trends of chemistry, as well as the development of chemical industry

6) Master the basic method of data information, document retrieval and use of modern information technology to obtain information related, with certain ability of experimental design, creating conditions for the experiment, induction, collation, analysis of the experimental results, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

4. Main Courses

Inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, instrument analysis, Fundamentals of structural chemistry, fine organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, spectroscopy analysis, electrochemical applications, rare earth chemistry and functional materials, chemical engineering principles, modern separation technology.

5. Practical Teaching

Metalworking practice, electronic practice, production practice, graduation thesis, the general arrangement is 10-20 weeks.

6. Employment

1) Employment Direction

Graduates have the knowledge of chemistry and chemical process; can be engaged in the chemical, oil refining, metallurgy, energy, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and military departments for engineering design, technology development, production technology, management and scientific research work.

2) Relevant Units

Petroleum and chemical industry, energy industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, cosmetics, light chemical industry, environmental protection, military industry and other industries and sectors, quality supervision, environmental protection, inspection and quarantine units, research institutes, colleges and universities.

3) Related Occupations

Laboratory technician, the inspector, the chemical technicians, drug development technicians, chemical engineer, involving chemical industry investments, insurance, customs, commodity inspection, trade, information services, research staff, professors

7. Similar Programs

Chemical biology, molecular science and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, environmental science

8. Related Examinations

Certified chemical engineer qualification examination


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