Science Degree Program in China - Applied Meteorology

1. Introduction

Applied Meteorology is the marginal subject that applies meteorology principle, method and achievements into agriculture, hydrology, navigation, aviation, military, medical and other aspects, combining with various professional disciplines. The application of meteorology is an important part of the atmosphere of scientific research and service of national economic construction.

2. Training Objectives

Applied Meteorology program aims at training senior application-oriented specialized talents who master applying the basic knowledge, basic theory and basic skills of meteorology professional, can be engaged in agricultural meteorological and ecological environment monitoring and control, information analysis and processing, the development and utilization of resources and disaster prevention and mitigation research, teaching and business department. The students receive the study of the theory and basic knowledge of applied meteorology and master meteorological information service system development and application, climate resources development and utilization, industrial engineering for meteorological technology research, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation measures and technology, adjustment and control of ecological environment to resolve meteorology in areas related to applications.

3. Training Requirements

Students mainly learn the basic theory and basic knowledge of applied meteorology; receive technology and basic training in scientific thinking, scientific experiments, and information processing technology, with the good scientific literacy and solid atmospheric sciences, biological sciences and environmental science and so on.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic principles and knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer and so on.

2) With the basic knowledge and basic skills of applied meteorology and related disciplines; master remote sensing data processing and application technology, resources and environment evaluation method, with linking theory with practice, comprehensive analysis of the problem, problem solving ability, can skilled use of computer application software of applied meteorology and other related disciplines

3) understand the general principles and knowledge of similar disciplines, such as ecology, environmental science

4) Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of meteorological operation, environmental protection and resource utilization, as well as the relationship between meteorological modernization and national economic development strategy

5) understand the application of meteorological and economic sustainable development and other aspects of the theoretical frontiers, application prospects and the latest developments

6) Master the basic method of data information, document retrieval and use of modern information technology to obtain the latest references; have certain ability of experimental design, creating conditions for the experiment, summary and analysis of the experimental results, writing papers, and participating in academic exchanges.

5. Main Courses

Atmospheric physics, atmospheric detection, weather science principle, industry engineering meteorology, meteorological information service, methods of Applied Meteorology, agricultural meteorology, principles and applications of remote sensing, climate resources, ecology, environment science conspectus, micro meteorology, etc.

6. Practice Teaching

Meteorological observation and weather forecast practice, biological meteorological observation, graduation thesis, etc. the general arrangement is 10-20 weeks.

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates are mainly engaged in the meteorological department, especially in the observatory, or in the system of civil aviation meteorological observatory, provides weather protection for aviation, the airport meteorological station, environmental protection departments, as well as marine, aviation, national defense, universities and scientific research departments.


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