Science Degree Program in China - Applied Physics

1. Introduction

Applied Physics major mainly trains senior specialized personnel who master the basic theories and methods of physics, have good mathematical foundation and basic experiment skills, master the applied basic knowledge of electronic technology, computer technology, optical fiber communication technology, biomedical physics, the basic experimental methods and technology, can be engaged in physics, post and telecommunications, aerospace, energy development, computer technology and application, electronic technology, healthcare, automatic control related technical field of scientific research, teaching, and the development and application of technology, management and other work.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and methods of physics, with good mathematical foundation and experimental skills, receive initial training in the application basic research, applied research and technology development and engineering technology, with good scientific literacy, adapt to the needs of the development of high and new technology, with strong knowledge renewal ability and the ability to adapt to a wide range of sciences.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, geology, computer science and petroleum engineering;

2) With the basic ability of applied mathematics, geology methods and systematic mechanical theory to carry out oil and gas field development and design;

3) With the basic ability of applying basic theory and basic knowledge to carry out oil and gas drilling engineering design;

4) With the initial capability of general drilling tools and mechanical design of equipment parts;

5) With the initial capacity of using the basic theory to analyze and solve practical problems in oil engineering, technical innovation and scientific research;

6) With the initial capacity of applying systematic engineering methods and modern economic knowledge to carry out petroleum engineering production, operation and management.

4. Main Subjects

Advanced mathematics, Physics

5. Main Courses

Mathematical analysis, advanced algebra, advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, general physics (including mechanics, calorifics, optics, electromagnetics, atomic physics), theoretical physics (including theoretical mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics), mathematical methods of physics electronic technology (including analog electronic technology, digital electronic technology), nuclear physics, computer principle, C language, intelligent instrument principle and application, principle and application of sensor, optical fiber communication technology, optoelectronic technology, nondestructive testing, computer network structure, physics, material physics, solid state physics, mechanical drawing, electronics, nuclear physics, radiation protection, oil introduction to nuclear power plant system with the equipment, nuclear technology and applications, nuclear reactor engineering, common physics experiment, modern physics experience and other courses.

6. Practice Teaching

According to the requirements of the course, arrange application field related general physics experiment, modern physical experiment, electronic technology training, metalworking practice, graduation design (thesis) and the general arrangement is 10 - 20 weeks.

7. Related Programs

Physics, materials physics, geophysics, optical information science and technology

8. Employment Prospects

Graduates majoring in applied physics are mainly engaged in scientific research, teaching, technology development and related management in the field of physics or related science and technology. The scientific research work includes the research and application of the physics front problem, the technology development work includes the new characteristic physics application material, such as the semiconductor, the development of the application instrument, such as medical instrument, biological instrument and scientific research instrument and so on. The scope of the employment of the application of physics covers the fields of physics and engineering, financial physics theory and practice in one, and many disciplines mutual infiltration.


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