Management Degree Program in China - Archival Science

 1. Introduction

Archival Science is a discipline of exploring the development law of the archives, archives work and archives career, and studying the theories, principles and methods of the management and exploitation of the archives information resources. Its application will help to improve the scientific level of archives management, and to develop and utilize archives information resources more effectively, and to serve the development of human society. The development of the objective situation requires that the archival work and undertaking must have the scientific theory instruction; the archival science therefore comes into being and develops.

Archival science trains senior specialized application-oriented and compound talents in archival science with systematic basic knowledge and document knowledge of archival science, master the basic skills of modern information technology, can engage in archives institutions, information departments of state organs and enterprises for the service of archival information, archives information management and research work.

2. Research Content

Archival science takes archives, archives phenomenon and archives work rules as the research objects. Its basic task is: to put forward scientific theories, principles and methods of archives work based on the research of archives and development rules of archival work, to guide the archives work practice, improve the scientific level of archives management, so that fully realizes the archives value, servicing various social practice. The research object and task of archival science regulates the research content and discipline system of archival science fundamentally.

There are five basic aspects:

Research on the basic theory of archival science

Research on the history of archival program

Research on the management of archival undertaking

Research on the management and development of archival resources

Research on application technology of archival work

3. Program System

(1). The archival science is divided into two parts, theory archival science and application archival science, and then further divides disciplines;

(2). The archival science is divided into 3 parts, basic theory, management science and application technology, or divided into 3 parts as follows: theoretical archives, applied archives and archives management technology; and then further divides disciplines;

(3). The archival science is divided into seven parts: theoretical basis, file professional history, archives undertaking management, archives management, archives personnel, archives utilization and benefits, foreign archives work and archives research, and then further divides disciplines.

4. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge of file management and information management, receiving systematic education and training in the relevant theory, methods and skills.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1) master the basic theory of archival science;

2) Master the basic theory, basic knowledge and business skills of file management and information management, and knowledge of related subjects with information management;

3) Have the basic ability of office automation management;

4) Familiar with the laws and regulations of file management;

5) Understand the forefront achievements and development trends of archives management and information management, with certain ability in scientific research.

5. Main Subjects

Library, information and archives management

6. Main Courses

Archival science introduction, archives management, the archives management of science and technology, management of electronic archives, archives of the series research, archives laws and regulations, documents, file management in science and technology studies, secretarial studies, automate file management, file protection.

7. Practice Teaching

The main practical teaching: including teaching practice, thesis writing, etc., generally arranged for about 8 weeks.

8. Similar Programs

Information resources management of library, information science, labor relations

9. Employment Prospects

After graduation, the students can be engaged in library and information institutions and information departments of various kinds of enterprises for information service and management work.


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