Education Degree Program in China - Art Education

1. Introduction

Art Education is an emerging education to improve the quality and accomplishment of the individual. Art education is to improve people's feelings and understanding of beauty, to cultivate the artistic expression and creativity. Art education must carry out the necessary technical training, cannot stay in the pure knowledge spread, feel the music, appreciation of music, but must master certain skills.

In the contemporary society, the "art education" has two different meanings and content. In a narrow sense, "art education" can be understood as to develop the artist or professional artistic talents of all kinds of theories and Practice on education, such as various kinds of professional art academy of correction is so, Academy of drama culture writer, director, and actor, Academy of music cultivate composers, singers and instrumentalists such as. Broadly speaking, "art education" is the core of aesthetic education; its basic purpose is to cultivate all-round development of people, rather than professional art workers. In contemporary society, there are more or less links between life and art, such as reading novels, watching movies, listening to music, appreciation of painting and so on.

Therefore, the general art education is to emphasize universal art of basic knowledge and basic principle by of outstanding works of art appreciation and evaluation, to improve people's aesthetic culture and artistic appreciation ability, cultivate and improve people's aesthetic psychological structure.

Art education program trains talents with all round development of morality, intelligence and physique, and have advanced education concept, comprehensive art specialty talents, preschool education, elementary education, special education schools and institutions conveying engaged in comprehensive art education for children of teachers and social workers.

2. Training Requirements

Art education trains students to master the basic theory and skills of music, art, dance, drama and other basic theories and skills, and systematically study the basic theory of Humanities and Social Sciences, education and psychology.

3. Core Competencies

1). Master the basic theories and skills of music, art, dance, drama and other art disciplines;

2). Master the basic theories of humanities, social sciences, education and psychology systematically.

4. Practice Teaching

Including media production practice, curriculum design and development practice, educational practice, the general arrangement is not less than 20 weeks.

5. Main Courses

Introduction to art, introduction to preschool education, an introduction to special education, art education, modern educational technology training, music history, art history, art appreciation, appreciation of famous literary works, comprehensive artistic creation principles and practice, art rehabilitation and therapy, music theory, solfeggio, vocal music, piano, piano ensemble, and acoustics, music, songs accompaniment writing, songs, musical instruments, the chorus and command, the school band allocation and rehearsals, dance, children dance performance and composition, sketch, color, Chinese painting, calligraphy, painting, art creation, art design and so on.

6. Employment Prospect

After graduation, the students can be engaged in art education in the middle and primary schools, can also be engaged in the research work of art research units, or at all levels of cultural units and amateur art schools for the work of art training.


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