Education Degree Program in China - Athletic Rehabilitation

1. Introduction

Athletic Rehabilitation, also known as physical therapy, is taking various exercise methods to injured or disabled; make the patients get comprehensive recovery in physical and mental function, in order to return to society.

Modern rehabilitation medicine includes physical therapy, speech, correction, psychology, occupational therapy, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Sports therapy is active therapy, systemic therapy and natural therapy.

Exercise rehabilitation is a new frontier discipline combing sports, health and medicine, focusing on the study of the relationship between exercise and health.

2. Requirements

1). Familiar with the national sports health work principles, policies and relevant laws and regulations;

2). Master basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of sports rehabilitation;

3). Understand the academic trends and development trends of sports rehabilitation;

4). with the practical ability of independent thinking, cooperative spirit and being engaged in rehabilitation treatment.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge and theory of sports rehabilitation, receive basic training in the athletic rehabilitation and master the ability to handle basic diseases.

4. Training Objectives

Athletic rehabilitation program trains senior rehabilitation therapist to meet the needs of modern development, systematically master the basic theory, basic skills, basic methods and related knowledge of exercise rehabilitation and health program on the basis of initially grasping the basic knowledge of sports human body science, basic medicine, clinical medicine, with certain development potential and innovative spirit, has a strong practical ability.

5. Practice Teaching

Educational practice, internship, social investigation, educational research, etc

6. Employment Prospects

Students majored in athletic rehabilitation are mainly engaged in professional sports teams, at rehabilitation agencies of various levels of hospitals, sports bases, health and leisure club, professional sports club, nursing homes, community, health and Rehabilitation Institute, sports and the health administrative departments and other organizations engaged in rehabilitation, health education, health testing and assessing, fitness guide, health care, medical supervision, scientific research and administrative management work. Job positions include health coach, health manager, etc.


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