Science Degree Program in China - Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment

1. Introduction

Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment: atmospheric physics, study the macro and micro physical processes occurring in the atmosphere and reveal the relationship between them. Grasp the basic theory and skills of modern weather modification, and explore new ways and methods of weather modification. Atmospheric environment: the study including pollution components, gas and gaseous substance in the atmosphere diffusion, transport and movement rules and their experience in the atmospheric physical and chemical processes and atmospheric secondary pollutant formation mechanism and its influence.

Atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment program has atmospheric detection laboratory and a number of advanced instrument and equipment of boundary layer and pollution meteorology detection and high performance computer systems for the study of numerical simulation and prediction of atmospheric environment. As a cross disciplinary and applied basic research subject, the subject establishes close relationship with environmental science and other related disciplines, and completes a number of influential atmospheric environmental assessments. Prediction and engineering meteorology research and international cooperation project train a group of vibrant scientific research strength with theory and practice. Global change and human environmental awareness have been enhanced, and the research and development of the subject has injected a strong impetus to the development of the subject area.

2. Research Directions

1) Atmospheric physics

2) Atmospheric environment and atmospheric chemistry

3) Atmospheric remote sensing, satellite meteorological detection

4) Atmospheric detection and computer applications

3. Employment Prospects

The graduates of this program are suitable for business, scientific research, teaching and scientific technology management in the meteorological, marine, environmental protection, national defense, and aerospace and other relevant business departments, research institutes and higher institutions.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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