Science Degree Program in China - Bioenergy

1. Introduction

Bioenergy is not only different from conventional mineral energy sources, but also different from other new energy sources. It has both characteristics and advantages, and is one of the most important renewable energy sources. Bioenergy is a kind of renewable energy which can be converted into gas, hydrogen and other combustible gases, such as methane, hydrogen and other combustible gases, such as methane, hydrogen and other combustible gases or ethanol, oil and fat, by means of biological activities.

Clean new energy is also called green energy; the biggest characteristic is not causing environmental pollution after burning or use, conducive to maintaining the ecological balance. Development of clean new energy sources is the development direction of the construction of energy industry in the future. At present, bio fuels are mainly used to replace fossil fuels as transportation fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel fuel instead of petroleum based diesel.

2. Biomass

Biomass includes plants, animals and their waste, garbage and organic waste water, etc. Broadly speaking, biomass is the organic matter produced by photosynthesis, and its energy is originally from solar energy, so the biomass energy is a kind of solar energy.

3. Chlorophyll

Each chlorophyll is a magical chemical plant, which takes the sun's light as a driving force, and synthetize CO2 and water into organic material. Study and reveal the mechanism of photosynthesis, to mimic the structure of chlorophyll, the production of artificial synthesis of chlorophyll, the industrialization of photosynthesis plant, is the human dream. If this dream can come true, it will radically change the way people produce and live.

4. Advantages

1) Biofuels are the only energy products that can replace fossil fuels on a large scale, while water, wind, solar, nuclear and other new energy sources are only suitable for power generation and heat supply.

2) Biofuels have diversity in products. Energy products are liquid bio ethanol and diesel, solid state prototype and molding fuel, gas and other energy products, such as gas. Can replace oil, coal and natural gas, can also heat and power generation.

3) Biofuel has diversity of raw materials. Bio fuel can use crop straw, forestry processing residues, livestock and poultry manure, food processing organic waste residue, urban waste, but also the use of low quality land to grow a variety of energy plants.

4) The "material nature" of biofuels, such as oil and coal, the production of plastic, fiber and other materials, as well as chemical raw materials and other physical products, the formation of a huge bio chemical production system. This is the other renewable energy and new energy cannot be done.

5) "Recycling" and "environmental protection" of biofuels. Biofuels are produced in agriculture and rural organic waste harmless and resources in the process of product; bio fuels of all living material can into the biological cycle of the earth, even the release of carbon dioxide will also reabsorbed by plants in the earth of recycling, to achieve zero emissions. The sustainable development of material resources and the recycling of resources is a kind of modern advanced production mode.

6) "Driving performance of biofuels"". Bio fuels can expand the field of agricultural production, promote the development of rural economy, increase farmers' income, but also promote the development of manufacturing, construction, automobile and other industries.

7) The "inhibition" of the crude oil price of biofuels.

8) Biofuels can create jobs and build domestic markets.

5. Research Progress

Synthetic biology development is based on the principle of systems biology, computer aided design of artificial and secondary generation metabolism chain enzyme system synthesis genes, metabolic engineering technology rich bio oil were genetically engineered to be able to make high biodiesel production and secretion of genetically modified organisms, so as to realize the large-scale use of solar energy bio energy industry.

6. Types

1) Fuel ethanol

2) biodiesel

3) Bio methane

4) Biological butanol

5) Microalgae oil

6) Biomass power generation


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