Science Degree Program in China - Biogeography

1. Introduction

Biogeography is an interdisciplinary subject between biology and geography, a subject that studies the distribution of living organisms in time and space, which is biological community and their components, their distribution on the surface of the earth and the cause of formation. Study the geographical distribution of living organisms and the science of various problems related to it. Biological flora geography, biological systems geography, historical biogeography relates to plant and animal distribution, according to the problems and methods, namely biological flora distribution and biological ecology and geography. In addition, according to the biological group as the object to be divided, there are plant geography, animal geography, insect geography, etc.

2. Research Objects

The distribution characteristics and laws of biological groups and their compositions on the surface of the earth, as well as the relationship between the formation, evolution and environmental conditions

3. Subject Classification

The main branches of the subject are plant geography and animal geography. In addition, still include historical biogeography: study the origin, classification, propagation and extinction of biological flora; ecological biogeography: according to the relationship between organisms and the physical environment and the biological environment, to clarify the status of the distribution of organisms; ancient Ecology: the two branches of the intermediate; cultivation biogeography: Study of cultivated plants and domesticated animal origin, evolution, distribution and its relationship with the development of human culture; theory of biogeography: study the basic theory of biota origin, distribution, evolution, development.

4. Research Methods

Dispersalism, panbiogeography, parsimony analysis of endemicity, cladistic biogeography, event-based methods, phylogeography, experimental biogeography, island biogeography, GIS-based methods, etc


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