Science Degree Program in China - Biology

1. Introduction

Biology is one of the six basic subjects of natural science, studying the structure, function, occurrence and development of organisms, as well as the relationship between the biological and the surrounding environment. Biology originates from the natural history, experience experimental biology, molecular biology and enters into systematic biology era.

2. Subject Classification

Classification is to follow classification principle and method, conducts nomenclature and classification of various groups of organisms, use domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species to classify. The top kingdom is prokaryotes protista, fungi, plant and animal.

3. Biological Classification

1) Non cellular life form

2) Prokaryote

3) Eukaryotes

4) Mycetozoan

4. Biological Characteristics

Biological chemical unity

Multi layer structure model

Ordered dissipative structure


Continuity of life

Individual development


5. Research Methods

Observation and description method

Comparative method

Experimental method

System method

6. Program Branches

The field of animal science

Field of botany

Microbiology/immunology field

Biochemical field

Evolution and ecology field

The field of modern biotechnology

Cell and molecular biology field

Biological and physical field

Biomedical field

Biological information field

Field of environmental biology

7. Training Objectives

The program mainly trains specialized talents with solid theoretical basis and experimental skills of mathematics, physics, chemical and biological macroscopic and microscopic field, and master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of biological science and important branches and biological science research methods and experimental technology, have deep understanding of biological science discipline development and biological technology new progress, and has certain ability of being engaged in basic research and applied research and technology development.

8. Training Requirements

The students have the ability of being engaged in different departments and fields in biological sciences and related disciplines theory research, applied research, teaching, scientific management and practical work, can be engaged in scientific research institutions, senior and high schools and related enterprises and other units for scientific research, teaching, management and business services.

9. Knowledge and Skills

1) With the basic theory and basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other aspects;

2) Master the basic knowledge and experimental skills of biochemistry, plant biology, microbiology, animal biology, genetics, cell biology, molecular biology and other aspects;

3) understand the theoretical frontier, application prospect and development trend of biological science;

4) understand the general principles and knowledge of biological technology, biological engineering and other similar professional;

5) Understand the national science and technology policy, intellectual property rights and other relevant policies and regulations;

6) With the strong computer application ability, grasp the science and technology document retrieval, the data inquiry and the use of modern information technology to obtain the relevant information of the basic method;

7) With strong research and decision-making ability, organization and management ability and the experimental design and implementation, analysis of the results of the experiment, the ability to write and participate in academic exchanges.

10. Major Courses

Microbiology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, ecology, virology, immunology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, cell engineering, microbial engineering, biochemical engineering, biological engineering downstream technology, fermentation engineering equipment and so on. The major practical teaching links include: teaching practice, production practice and graduation thesis (design, etc.), the general arrangement is 10-20 weeks.

11. Employment Prospects

The graduates are suitable for research institutes and universities and secondary schools and other educational institutions engaged in teaching and scientific research, can also be engaged in biology, medicine, environmental protection and other high-tech enterprises and research institutes for research, technology development, operation and management, and work in the media, government agencies and other departments.

12. Similar Programs

Bioscience, biotechnology, biological information and biological information technology, animal and plant quarantine, biochemistry and molecular biology, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, biological resources science, biological safety, etc.


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