Management Degree Program in China - Business Administration in English Medium

 1. Introduction

Business Administration is a discipline that studies the basic theory and general methods of economic management of industrial and commercial enterprises, mainly including two aspects: the enterprise's business strategy formulation and internal behavior management. Business administration is a program with strong application; the goal is to take effective enterprise management and business decision to ensure the survival and development of enterprises based on the basic theory of management science, economics, accounting, through the use of modern management methods and means.

Business administration is the subject that studies the law of business activities of the profit organizations and the theory, method and technology of enterprise management. Business administration has a wide range; there are lots of courses to learn, covering economics and management. Therefore, business management has a wide basis; the individual can choose the program direction according to their own preferences. For example, business management, marketing, human resources, financial management, accounting, corporate investment, etc.

2. Classification

Production management, business management, financial management, cost management, research and development management, marketing management, material management, facilities management, quality management, brand management, human resources management,E-commerce,  Accounting

3. Training Objectives

Business administration is to cultivate senior application-oriented specialized talents with high quality and the knowledge and ability of modern enterprise management can be engaged in management, teaching and research in enterprises and government departments, with management ability, innovation ability, research ability and lifelong learning ability.

4. Training Requirements

Students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of management science, economics, enterprise operation and management and other aspects, receive the basic training in management, enterprise strategy management, enterprise operation management and entrepreneurship management, with the basic ability to analyze and solve the problem of enterprise management.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of management science, economics and modern enterprise management;

2) Master the qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze and manage the problem;

3). Master the basic knowledge of the company's strategy formulation and business operation;

4) With a strong ability of expression, interpersonal communication, information access and the basic ability to analyze and solve the actual problems in management;

5). Understand the theoretical front and development trends of the subject;

6). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain ability of scientific research and practical work.

5. Main Courses

Micro economics, macro economics, principles of accounting, management, strategic management, marketing, human resource management, management information systems, statistics, econometrics, operations management, entrepreneurship, international trade theory and practice.

The main practical teaching: including course practice, graduation practice, and the general arrangement is 10-12 weeks.

Similar majors: business management, marketing, human resource management, financial management, logistics management, etc.

6. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Applicants of master of business administration needs work experience.

Training objectives: MBA is to develop high-level management personnel of the pragmatic type, composite type and application type who can be engaged in the top management work of business and economic management department;

Training objectives: MBA admission requires undergraduates with 3 years work experience or above; or three-year college graduates with 5 years working experience or above.

Cultivation mode: essentially speaking, MBA education is a kind of vocational training, with particular emphasis on the basis on the mastery of modern management theory and method, through business case analysis, practical observation, analysis and decision making skills training to cultivate the students' practical skills, to make the students accept the challenges like knowledge and skills, personality and psychology, goals and aspirations, to be with more professional competition.

Research directions:

1) Modern enterprise theory and professional manager research: Based on modern property right economics, engaged in basic theory and applied research. The research fields cover the modern enterprise system, the corporate governance structure, the formation and development mechanism, the incentive and restraint mechanism of professional managers, the organization and management mechanism of the enterprise.

2) Finance and financial management: with the coordinated development of the enterprise, social environment, natural environment as the guidance, integrating multi discipline resources in the basic theory and application research. Research area covers Stakeholder theory and corporate finance, financial strategy, financial management, financial management information system development, human assets and intangible assets evaluation, financial engineering, etc.

3) The economic and strategic management of enterprise resources: Taking the enterprise resource as the object, the strategic decision as the means, integrating multi discipline resources in the basic theory and the application research. The research field covers the relationship between enterprise resource planning and decision making, enterprise and social environment, strategic analysis and decision making, etc.

4) Enterprise capital operation management: taking the capital market as a platform, the enterprise capital operation as the object, engaged in the basic theory and application research. The research field covers the capital market, the investment banking business, as well as the enterprise merger and acquisition and so on.

7. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

DBA is a comprehensive and systematic management course designed for senior executives in the business sector. Today's DBA is committed to training senior business management personnel with the superior ability in the fierce international competition. Different from the traditional education mode, DBA education focuses on the effect of the theory applied in practice, the students generally take "in service learning" as a substitute for "full time study".



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