Literature Degree Program in China - Business Chinese Language

1. Main Content

1) do business in China

2) at the dinner

3) culture festival

4) Beijing Representative Office

5)set up an account

6)with the inspection report to

7) declaration registration


9)price negotiation

10)break the deadlock


12)audit contract



15)watch the fashion show

16)width and tariff

17)brand production

18)packing and transportation


20)cargo insurance


22)apply for a patent

23)bidding and tendering


2. Knowledge and Skills

1) Basic business information communication skills

2) The correct use of Chinese to arrange business activities of the various links  

3) China's business etiquette

4) Simulation recruitment

Including entertainment articles, office articles, and business articles, completion of the course, the students can Introduction Company, product, inquiry, offer, and a certain level of negotiation, negotiation skills, such as bargaining, development and modification plans, etc.

3. BCT Test

Business Chinese test (BCT) as a test series, including BCT (A), BCT (B) and BCT (oral) three independent test composition. BCT (A) for business Chinese beginners, to test the ability of students to use Chinese to complete the daily communication and basic business communication tasks. BCT (B) for high level business Chinese learners, to test the ability of candidates to use Chinese to complete a more complex business communication tasks. BCT (oral) for all business Chinese learners, through the network test form, personalized and targeted examination, to test the ability of candidatesto use Chinese language to complete all kinds of communication tasks.


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