Business Degree Program in China - Business Economics

1. Introduction

Business Economics provides students the study and practice courses on economy and business. Students have the opportunity to better understand the business phenomenon in the real society and make practical business decisions.

2. Training Objectives

Business economics cultivates specialized talents equipped with the basic knowledge of economy, trade, culture, communication, law, management, grasp the present situation and development trends of contemporary international cultural trade, familiar with the prevailing international cultural trade rules and conventions as well as China's foreign cultural trade policies and regulations, understand cultural industry development characteristics and operation mechanism, can be in radio and television agencies or other cultural institutions, foreign-related economic trade departments, enterprises and government agencies engaged in the culture of foreign trade, management, research, publishing and planning.

3. Teaching objectives

1) Cultivate students with the relevant skills of professional review analysis on writing and point of view of the article.

2) Allows students to have the ability to intervene in economic information, and in the relevant business decision-making activities in the use of economic analysis to make an effective forecast.

3) Allow students to make full use of the principles of economics, to better understand the organization and management of all aspects.

4) Create opportunities for students to have more extensive research in the direction of business economics and to make students in public or private institutions to carry out a career.

4. Main Courses

Business mathematics, statistics, environmental and science, logic summary, financial accounting principle, calculus, microelectronic applications, economic theory, introduction to business, management accounting principle, information technology, marketing principles, computer research, macro economics principle of economics, management theory, management psychology, intermediate microeconomics, mathematical economics, money and banking, public finance, business research methods, intermediate microeconomics, econometric, international trade, business management, economics, international macroeconomics, strategic economics, economics research.

5. Employment Prospects

Employment direction:

Graduates can go to the national economic departments or a private trading company; can choose the following occupation:

1)Economic forecasting and planning

2)Financial analysis/financial institutions credit analysis

3)Market researchers and analysts

4)Insurance securities analyst

5)Manager consultant

6)Industrial economists

7)Benefit analysis

8)Work in international institutions or organizations

Employment posts:

Data analysts, business assistant, investment officer, investment manager, financing and leasing business manager, director of marketing, investment manager, reserve cadres, business manager, management trainee, business managers, business representatives, etc.


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