Management Degree Program in China - Business Image Communication

 1. Introduction

Business Image Communication mainly cultivates technical specialized personnel for mid sized foreign trade enterprises, engaged in the work of foreign trade salesman, merchandiser, vouching clerk, business assistant in the first-line management and service, master the basic trade theory knowledge and business operation professional skills, with good professional ethics, strong practical ability.

2. Main Courses

Import and export practice, business correspondence, etc., students can be engaged in jobs like foreign trade salesman, merchandiser, vouching clerk, business assistant after learning.

3. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged as a planner in full-time planning company, to large companies planning department, development department, marketing department, sales department, investment department and public relations department, and the news media, advertising and communications company for market research, planning, market development planning, business negotiation, planning, marketing planning, corporate strategic planning, advertising planning, public relations planning, promotion planning, project planning, investment planning, estate planning, brand planning, corporate image planning, chain operation planning work. Students can also be engaged in the discipline teaching and scientific research work. Graduates can also choose business management, marketing and other management direction as well as the direction of applied economics to continue their studies.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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