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Internship Hospitals - Capital Medical University, China

Capital Medical University has set up 21 clinical medical school and affiliated hospitals, 8 teaching hospitals which enjoy high reputation and provide a total number of 18793 sickbeds for students practice or rotation. Students can have good practice and internships here and receive enough exercises to be qualified as a doctor in the future.

Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Capital Medical University
Founded on February 24, 1958, Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital is one of Category A of third class that is of comprehensive integration of treatment, teaching, research and disease prevention. It is the third clinical medical school of Capital Medical University and also an "A" designated hospital for Beijing municipal medical insurance system –Beijing Medical insurance is divided into two categories "A" and "B", and "A" kind of medical institutions will enjoy certain policy inclination. Our hospital is designated hospital to serve media emergency for the 29th Beijing Olympic games in 2008.
Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital comprises two campuses, the Main Campus and the Jingxi Campus that is also named The General Hospital of China Railway Construction Group Corporation Hospital. They were merged at the end of the year 2004. With 3,500 staff members, the hospital covers an construction area of 102,800 square meters (the Main Campus 50,800 square meters and the Jingxii Campus 52,000 square meters) with the space area of 200,000 square meters (150,000 square meters in the Main Campus and 50,000 square meters in Jingxi Campus). The fixed asset totals 1 billion yuan. The wards contain 1,920 beds (1,420 in the Main Campus and 500 in Jingxi Campus). 
The hospital undertakes many projects of science and technology, such as the subjects of "tenth-five" and "eleventh five-year plan", the national 863 plan; the national 973 plan; The national urgency science and technology action project of SARS's prevention and treatment; special fund of national flu prevention and treatment; National Natural Science Foundation of China; Research Foundation of Ministry of Health; Research Foundation of Ministry of Education; and also undertakes Personnel Department research and Beijing's science and technology projects. Annual research fund obtained is about 28 million yuan, with about 600 published papers. Awarded the national and provincial scientific and technological progress. 
The hospital accepts an assignment for fascicle of periodicals, such as International Journal of Transplantation; International Journal of Transplantation; Chinese Medical Records; Chinese Journal of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery etc.
There are many departments of Capital Medical University in our hospital, such as the Department of Respiration Disease Medicine-the base of training talented person for National life science and technology; the Department of Emergency Medicine; the Department of Critical illness Medicine; the Department of Nucleic Medicine; the Department of orthopedics Medicine and the Department of Hematology. The hospital undertakes the clinic teaching for student doctors of five-year program and seven- year program; it undertakes the duty to cultivate talents of master and doctoral candidates and post-doctoral training. The hospital is assumed teaching work for Nursing classes of Secondary Vocational. College Nursing Profession and Undergraduate Nursing Profession. It is a training base for the National life science and technology and for the residents, diplomats and general practitioners in Beijing Municipal Health Bureau. 
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