Capital Medical University

Medical Internship at Capital Medical University, China

After 5 years’ theory study, the last year is for internship or rotation for MBBS programs. Internship is important for MBBS international students to acquire MBBS degree and participate in Medical Licensing Examination for being a formal Chinese doctor after graduation. Capital Medical University has set up 21 clinical medical school and affiliated hospitals, 8 teaching hospitals which enjoy high reputation and provide a total number of 18793 sickbeds for students practice or rotation. In those hospitals, students can fully practice and intern and receive enough exercises to be qualified as a doctor in the future. International students can choose to intern in China or finish it when back to their home country.

After finishing 1 year internship under the instruction of a professor, international students have laid the foundation of being a doctor in the future. Now they can take an examination to get MBBS degree.

Some foreign students may go back to their home country or to other country after graduation and acquiring MBBS degree or other medical degrees. They may apply for Medical Licensing Examination directly and become a doctor after passing the exam and finish registration according to the local regulations of the country. 


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