Capital Medical University

Medical Overseas Students at Capital Medical University, China

Overseas education of Capital Medical University began in the early 1960s. After the reform and opening up, it began to recruit short-term exchange students in 1981, and in 1998 began to formally recruit overseas undergraduate education. Under the leadership and support of the school Party committee, under the joint efforts of all staff, the school has begun to take shape in the past 5 years, including preparatory, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, exchange students and other levels. The establishment of the international school and the establishment of Overseas Students Service Center has created the conditions for the development of overseas education in the school.

CMU is listed in “World Directory of Medical Schools” by World Health Organization. Each year about 100 international students seeking for MBBS apply for the 6-year Bachelor program of medicine. As the Degree of medicine granted by CMU is recognized by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), medical graduates from the university are qualified to take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). We also have a training program of the exam, which is tailored for international students. 
Now there are 433 (approximately 10%) international students, which come from 46 countries in Europe, America, Oceania, Asia and Africa, studying medicine in Capital Medical University. Since 2006, the school has received a total of 5million yuan of Beijing foreign students scholarship.
Overseas education is an indispensable factor in the internationalization of the school, the development of overseas education is both opportunities and challenges, under the strong leadership of the school Party committee, all the staff of Capital Medical University work hard together to build the school into a first-class, internationally renowned medical university. 
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