Management Degree Program in China - Chain Operation Management

1. Introduction

Chain Operation Management, refers to a modern organization form and mode of operation that several shops of the same trade connects with the unified name, unified sign, unified operation, unified management means in circulation, to realize common purchase, scattered distribution and share scale economies.

The chain operation management system consists of organizational system, operation system, support system and control system. These four branches constitute the basic framework of management system. Organizational system is the basis of chain management system, which reflects the asset structure, legal form, vertical and horizontal integration cooperation level of chain enterprises, and the relationship between the professional divisions of enterprise. Operating system is the main part of the chain operation management system, which reflects the system structure of the business operation of the storage and transportation of the chain enterprises. Support system is to ensure that the chain store sales activities can be normal, the company needs the support of human resources, financial resources, material resources, information and other resources of the headquarters of the system structure.

Its essence is to apply the principle of modern large-scale production into commercial circulation, to achieve the purpose of improving the coordination of operational capacity and scale efficiency.

Chain operation management aims at cultivating chain management talents in new economy period, it is different from the talent need of the industrial economy taking the products economy as the main body, pays more attention to the knowledge goods, brand commodity, interest commodity, enterprise overall as a product, social whole combination of resources as the formation of new economic business commodity marketing and management, new economy calls for new business model, the chain operation is the mainstream of development mode, franchising management is a composite type, practice, and new subject of international leadership. Chain management trains international, practical, compound and creative talents who master the basic theory and practical ability of chain operation. Chain operation management is a new program; it complies with the development of the modern management mode, and has a great influence.

2. Advantages

(1) The theoretical advantages of chain operation management

1), optimize the allocation of resources

2), increase market share

3), strengthen the corporate image

4), enhance the competitive strength

5), reduce operating expenses

6), guide the production field

7), increase employment opportunities

8), protect the interests of consumers

(2) The advantages of logistics management in chain operation management

1), systematization

2), rationalization

3), standardization

4), the core of chain operation - distribution center distribution

3. Methods

1). Standard operation

2). Professional efficiency

3). Standardized management

4). Modern technology

4. Decentralization and Concentration

1) Decentralized and centralized of operation management

2) Decentralized and centralized of resource management

3) Decentralized and centralized of integration and sharing

5. Organizational Structure

1) Chain headquarters

2) Distribution center

6. Major Courses

Logistics management basics, commodity procurement management of chain enterprises, basic economics, management science, merchandising and accounting basis, economic law, tax law, consumer psychology, chain management, chain store operation management, marketing management in the distribution chain enterprises, e-commerce, chain store layout and display of goods, supply chain management and so on.

7. Training Objectives

The program is to cultivate high-quality skilled personnel with good ideological and moral quality, familiar with the chain company stores operational skills, associating with the technology of computer operation, have good ability to use a foreign language, master the basic principles of modern business management, and with the modern chain management to adapt to the financial management, marketing, logistics, law, etc. comprehensive knowledge, have strong modern management skills with good professional ethics.

8. Basic Requirements

Familiar with chain enterprises standard normative business process of the purchase and sale, master the chain enterprise human, material, financial and information management of the basic knowledge and skills and computer in chain enterprise management application technology and electronic commerce basic application technology.

9. Training Abilities

(1) The basic theory and basic knowledge of the operation and management of chain enterprises;

(2) The basic knowledge of management, marketing, etiquette, business negotiations and other aspects of the store, supermarket business operation technology, store design and planning technology;

(3) Master a variety of modern management methods, with strong management and organization and coordination ability, full of team spirit and good communication skills;

(4) Master the operation practice of chain enterprises and supply chain related knowledge, have the basic management ability of chain enterprises procurement, sales promotion, distribution, and logistics and so on;

(5) Master the basic knowledge of computer application and operation, with the necessary computer application ability; be able to skillfully use a variety of office automation equipment.

10. Learning Skills:

E-commerce master, public relations manager certificate.

11. Employment Direction

The graduates mainly engage in all kinds of chain enterprises, industrial and commercial enterprises, large supermarkets, Sino foreign joint ventures, and foreign trade companies for chain enterprise marketing planning, market research, commodity procurement, headquarters management, store management, e-commerce, human resource management, logistics and distribution, store financial and other positions.


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