Literature Degree Program in China - Chinese Linguistic Literature

1. Introduction

Chinese Linguistic Literature cultivates special talents with the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of Chinese language and literature, can engage in news, literature and art, publishing departments, scientific research institutions and enterprises for literary criticism, Chinese language and literature teaching and research work, and practical work of Chinese language and publicity. In addition, students can also obtain the teacher qualification certificate to become a teacher. Corresponding with the Chinese language and literature is Chinese education; the training objects include teachers and teaching research staff and other educational workers in the higher and secondary schools for Chinese language and literature teaching and teaching research.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge of Chinese and Chinese literature; receive the basic training of the systematic education and business ability like the relevant theory, development history, and research status.

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1). Master the basic theories of language and literature;

2). Master the basic knowledge of the program and the related knowledge of news, history, philosophy, art, education and other disciplines;

3). with literature cultivation, appreciation ability of literature, strong writing ability and language expression ability;

4). Understand the principles, policies and regulations of language and literature;

5). Understand the frontiers of the discipline and the prospects for development;

6). Be able to read classical literature, master the basic methods of literature retrieval, data query, with a certain scientific research and practical work ability.

7). With the correct view of literature and art, language view and solid Chinese language and literature based knowledge, and has to deal with ancient and modern language material ability, interpretation and analysis of ancient and modern literature of ability, cooperation ability and design ability to implement the language teaching;

8). Understand the new development of language and literature, and through learning, and constantly absorb the professional and related professional new. According to the needs of social and educational development, study Chinese language and literature to broaden the professional knowledge and improve the teaching level;

9). Understand the history of the academic development of the major and related major and pay attention to the inheritance and development of traditional culture. At the same time, with a certain philosophy and natural science literacy. Master data collection, literature survey, social investigation, thesis writing and scientific research basic methods, and gradually learn to penetration in a liberal arts and interdisciplinary premise, open up new field;

10). Familiar with the education laws and regulations, with the basic theory of education, psychology and the basic theory of Chinese language and literature teaching, the use of modern educational technology in teaching the basic ability to work;

11). Good ability in oral and written language.

3. Main Subjects

Chinese Language and Literature

4. Main Courses

Introduction to linguistics, modern Chinese, ancient Chinese, text, phonology, exegesis, China ancient literature, China modern literature, China contemporary literature, foreign literature, introduction to literature, an introduction to Chinese culture, ancient Chinese literary theory, classical literature, aesthetics, folk literature, children's literature, film and literature, comparative literature, western literary theory, writing and literary psychology, Chinese and foreign history of linguistics, Chinese literature criticism history, theory of Chinese language teaching, language information processing.

The main practical teaching: including educational practice, probation, education survey, social survey or graduation thesis, the general arrangement is for 15-20 weeks.

5. Employment Prospects

The employment rate of Chinese linguistic literature is relatively high and has a generous treatment. For Chinese linguistic literature, especially in normal universities, a broader space for development will be created in the increasingly diversified social environment for numerous students.


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