Chongqing University

Why Study at Chongqing University, China

Brief Introduction

Chongqing University covers a total area of over 3.65 square kilometers, consisting of four campuses. With green mountains surrounded and the Jialing River flowing by, the four campuses are set amidst delightful sceneries and awarded the title of “Garden University” by Chongqing Municipality.

Chongqing University (CQU) is a key national university in China, directly under the State Ministry of Education, it is also one of the "211 Project and 985 Project” universities with full support in the construction and development from the central and local Government of China. 

1. History 

Chongqing University was founded in 1929 in Chongqing city by General Liu Xiang and became a national comprehensive university consisting of six colleges in liberal arts, science, engineering, law, and medicine in 1942.

In 1952, the nationwide restructuring of higher education turned Chongqing University into an engineering-orientated multi-disciplinary university under the State Ministry of Education. In 1960, Chongqing University was designated as one of the first key national universities. Since the implementation of reform and opening-up policy in China, Chongqing University has stressed the development of disciplines like humanities, business management, art, sports education, which has further sped up the process of developing itself into a comprehensive institution of higher learning.

2. Discipline and programs 

Chongqing University owns 29 mobile workstations for postdoctoral study, 133 doctoral programs, 205 master programs, 18 professional master's degree programs, namely MBA, EMBA, MPA, master of engineering, and 89 bachelor's degree programs in 8 academic categories of science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, management, law, agriculture and education. Besides, Chongqing University is in possession of 17 state key subjects and 14 key subjects under the state "211 Project", 38 provincial or ministerial key subjects.

3. Academic facilities 

Chongqing University sets up 14 specially appointed professor posts under the "Yangtze River Scholar Award Program". It has established 3 national teaching bases for fundamental courses and a national quality education base for college students, 9 national key labs and ministerial key labs, 71 provincial key labs, and 130 labs of different specialties. Moreover, Chongqing University has constructed the distance education center, multi-media classrooms of large scale and interactive audio-visual classrooms, labs or training centers in cooperation with world famous enterprises such as Siemens, Microsoft, IBM, Rockwell, Omron, etc. The university has a national key publishing house, a national first-class architectural designing institute, and a first-class institute for planning and design. The university library is well equipped with modern facilities of large scale, with a collection of 3.90 million volumes, 6000 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, and 2.0 million volumes of E-books. In addition to 5 electronic reading rooms with 65000 kinds of e-books and journals, the China Education Research Network (CERNET) Chongqing Central Node is set up in the library. In 2001, Chongqing University Technology Park came into being, as one of the 22 state-level university technology parks in China.

4. Great achievements 

In recent years, the university has undertaken over 100 national key scientific projects of different types, and won 13 National Awards for Invention, 40 Awards for Scientific and Technological Advancement, 4 Awards for Natural Science, 968 ministerial and provincial awards, 283 Awards for Teaching Achievement.

5. Communication and international cooperation 

Chongqing University attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. It has established inter-university exchange links with over 100 institutions of higher education in 20 countries such as the USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Holland, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc. Since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy, Chongqing University has sent nearly 3000 teachers abroad for further study, attending international academic conference, or for academic visits; and received over 7200 overseas scholars including some world famous scholars like Dr. Z. N. Yang, Dr. Z. D. Li, Dr. C. L. Tien, Dr. L. R. Klein. Besides, the university has forged cooperative relations with about 20 prestigious international corporations or institutions such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation, IBM, Microsoft, Lipo Group, New York Life Insurance, Omron, ABB, Ford, etc. Chongqing University is authorized by the Ministry of Education to receive overseas students with the Chinese Government Scholarship. In 2014, more than 1300 international students are studying at Chongqing University, from over 123 countries. CQU has setup two Confucius Institutes in Thailand and Italy respectively, in cooperation with Betong City government and Saint Anna School of Higher Learning.



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