Chongqing University

Overseas Students at Chongqing University, China

Chongqing University is qualified to admit international students. It offers optional master and doctoral degree programs instructed in English to overseas students. The International School was established in 2007 to cater to the development of International education in Chongqing University, now there are about 1286 international students from 123 countries studying at Chongqing University.

International School of Chongqing University is responsible for developing educational programs and extracurricular activities for international students. The office is in charge of the study and daily life of international students. The International School not only offers the master’s and doctoral degree programs, but also provides long and short Chinese training programs, professional training courses, summer school in space technology, and many other specialized programs to meet the increasing demands of international education.

With the development of international education, Chongqing University will continually improve the teaching and administration mechanism, speed up the construction of basic facilities and infrastructures, which can make every international student, feel our warmth and harmony and bear in mind the affection for Chongqing University.



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