Chongqing University

Canteens in Chongqing University, China

Chongqing University Logistics Group Catering Service Center was formally established in February 2001.

There are excellent cooks prepare delicious meals for students. One of those super cooks is rated as the national super cook, 6 people are named as Chongqing city super cook (which 1 people had won the national cooking competition gold medal), 32 people are super secondary cooks, more than 50 people are three or four level cooks.

Catering centers adhere to the "service and quality is the root, unite and work hard, pursuit excellence" management philosophy; always focus on "how to provide quality service for the whole school teachers and students".  

Now there are four students’ canteens including a Muslim canteen in campus A; three canteens also including a Muslim canteen in campus B; one students' canteen in campus C and one Muslim canteen in campus Huxi. Besides, there are excellent restaurants around those campuses. Students can enjoy both delicious food and good environment when they are eating.



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