Law Degree Program in China - Civil and Commercial Law

1. Introduction

Civil and Commercial Law refers to the civil law and commercial law. On the relationship between civil law and commercial law, there are two ways: one is the combination of civil law and commercial law. The so-called unity of civil law and commercial law refer to that civil law contains commercial law, commercial law is the parent, guidance and command of the commercial law, while the commercial law is branch of civil law or special law of civil law. Such as Switzerland, Italy and other countries; the so-called separation of civil law and commercial law, refers to that the civil law and commercial law coexist and are two independent law departments, usually outside the civil law has also developed commercial law, such as France, Germany and other countries.

2. Civil Law

1) general principles of civil law

2) property law

3), contract law

4), personality right law and tort law

5) civil evidence law

6) property law

7) personal status law

8) marriage law

9) inheritance law

10) adoption law

11) security law

12) labor law

13) social security law

14) social special group protection law

3. Commercial Law

1) corporation law

2)  partnership enterprise law

3) individual proprietorship enterprise law

4) enterprise bankruptcy law

5) insurance law

6) law of negotiable instruments

7) securities law

8) maritime commercial law and insurance law

4. Differences between Civil Law and Commercial Law

(1) The social and economic basis of the two is different

(2) The value of the two objectives is different

(3) The main legislative technology of the two systems is different


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