Business Degree Program in China - Comparative Economics

1. Introduction

Comparative Economics is the discipline that contrastively studies the economic theory and system of different social systems or different countries under the same social system. Through a comparative analysis, it weighs the pros and cons, ascertains the advantages and disadvantages and summarizes the experience, as the basis of a country's economic system reform and economic structure adjustment, and the formulation of economic policy. It focuses on economic theory, but it also involves many issues related to applied economics.

2. Main Content

1) The nature, history and methodology of comparative economics;

2) Economic system comparison theory;

3) Economic structure comparison theory;

4) Economic policy comparison theory;

5) Economic growth comparison theory;

6) Economic mechanism and model comparison theory, etc.

3. Characteristics

1) The research of comparative economics should be guided by the general theory of economics.

2) Comparative economics is a research area with a very wide range, the comparison of various development economic operation mode and path of economic development, the comparison of various different national economic management and regulating means, belongs to the macro comparative economics research scope; various different resource allocation and income redistribution ways, the comparison of firm activity and consumer behavior under various conditions, belongs to the micro comparative economics research scope; comparison of various social and cultural tradition and its influence on the economy, various power distribution forms and value criterion belongs to the system structure of comparative economics research scope.

3) Comparative economics is an interdisciplinary frontier research field. It involves not only all aspects of economics research, but also involves the study of economics than many other disciplines.

4) Research methods of comparative economics are complex.


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