Management Degree Program in China - Cooking Technology and Nutrition

 1. Introduction

As people pay more attention to health and nutrition, occupation personnel of nutritious meals are in short supply. Therefore, the program has a broad career development prospect.

2. Practice Teaching

Determination of cooking materials melting point and boiling point, flour gluten content determination of flour, observation of organizational structure of cooking materials, feature recognition of main kinds of cooking materials, common biochemical reaction of microbial identification, microbiological testing basic operation, food protein and fat content determination test, Chinese medicine dialectical experiment, cooking technology experiment, basic cooking experiments, cold spell experiment, food carving experiment, pasta crafts experiment, experiment of western food, experiment of medicined diet, etc.

3. Training Objectives

Cooking technology and nutrition is to cultivate application-oriented advanced technology professionals who master the basic knowledge of modern cooking, nutrition, food and beverage management, with strong cooking techniques, engaged in cooking operation, nutrition analysis and nutrition meals, and food and beverage industry management.

4. Knowledge and Skills

(1). Program basic knowledge: master the necessary professional basic theory knowledge and professional technical knowledge, including: cooking materials learn, cooking of nutrition and food hygiene, culinary arts and crafts, raw materials processing, cooking technology, pastry making technology and food carving and cold spell basic knowledge of technology, catering business services and management.

(2). Program core skills: have a good command of the basic skills of operation, it is important to grasp the skills to food production and food innovation, and Chinese and Western pastry production and innovation skills; Master of food carving and cold spell creation skills; understand nutrition catering.

(3). Program development skills: understand the catering enterprises management procedures and catering market marketing; catering service skills; to understand the business situation and development trend of catering enterprises and the frontier topic and the latest research results.

5. Major Courses

Cooking materials, food hygiene and safety, cooking, nutrition, health food, cooking technology, pastry technology, management principle, catering management and practice

The main practical teaching: including course practice, graduation practice, skill standard test, etc.

6. Employment Prospects

(1). Big hotels, star hotels, chain restaurants, resorts, cook in senior clubs, after basic training, graduates can be engaged in the technical management of catering, such as chefs, executive chef, catering manager, or the hotel manager.

(2). Culinary teaching and training at vocational secondary schools, as well as the nutritionist at canteens of large institutes, hospitals.


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