Literature Degree Program in China - Cultural and Creative Industries

1. Introduction

Cultural and Creative Industries is an emerging industry generating under the background of economic globalization with creativity as the core of, an industry emphasizing a host culture or cultural factors relying on individuals (team) by way of technology, creativity, and industrialization to develop, market intellectual property rights. Cultural and creative industries mainly consists of radio, film and television, animation, audio and video, media, visual arts, performing arts, crafts and design, sculpture and environmental art, advertisement decoration, costume design, software and computer services and other aspects of the creative community.

Cultural and creative industries is mainly creative concept, to form a complete industry according to culture and knowledge, that is the nature of system, universal, spreading, such as the western developed countries, the values, with universality and equality, which is also able to influence the prerequisites.

2. Professional Websites

In nowadays, network media causes concern and attention with its fast spreading, large influence range, website will be a true record of the cultural industry development process, an active interest in the cultural industry policy and news publishing, radio, film and television, entertainment, culture, tourism, network culture, animation games, creative design, and the dynamics of the industry, cultural industry events were observed with a unique perspective, in-depth reports on the analysis of the development of cultural industry, provide valuable information resources for cultural industry decision makers and practitioners and cultural market.

3. International Situations

In the word, the main body of the creative industry is the individual, the culture and the arts industry is the individual industry. Painters, writers, and artists are free professionals. At the same time, to encourage innovation, inclusive personality of the relaxed social media environment for the development of creative industries to provide a driving effect. Personal creativity and accomplishment is the key link of the whole cultural and creative industry, and is the foundation of the industrial chain.

The creative industries in the new economic times are not dependent on the material resources. Cultural industry is a creative industry, it is highly dependent on cultural innovation awareness, cultural creativity and creative talents have more urgent needs.

4. Main Courses

Program basic courses

History of Chinese and foreign philosophy, aesthetics, history of aesthetics, Chinese art history

Specialized courses

Design aesthetics, modern western aesthetics, Western classical poetics, cultural and creative industries and public cultural services

Elective courses

Religious culture and art performance, art investment, management and auction, cultural industry strategy and business model, culture and art brand construction and management

Special lectures

1), from practical aesthetics to life aesthetics

2), new media product innovation and planning

3), Chinese animation industry development research

4, cultural and creative industries park investment and operation

5), the end of art and the development of contemporary srt

6), archaeological techniques and methods

7), theme on art works collection


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