Management Degree Program in China - Cultural Industry Management

1. Introduction

Cultural Industry Management aims to cultivate comprehensive cultural industry professionals with a broad cultural vision that master the concept of modern industry and business skills. Cultural Industry Management has a wide coverage and lots of courses, covering numerous cultural industry fields, including cultural tourism, radio, film and television, journalism, publishing, culture trade, heritage, arts and crafts, advertising, exhibition, cultural policy, sports and entertainment, mobile phone network, anime music, culture brokerage. Therefore, the management of cultural industry is a basic discipline, individuals can choose professional direction according to their own preferences.

Cultural industry management mainly discusses the profit method and model in various industries of cultural industry and integrated management in enterprise, which is different from cultural undertakings and cultural studies majors that take exploring cultural development and inheritance as the purpose, it is also different from cultural arts management program that aims to cultivating arts talents like director, screenwriter, music and so on, the three cannot be mixed together.

2. Main Courses 

(1) cultural basis and cultural resources courses, such as the introduction of cultural resources and cultural dissemination study, introduction to aesthetics, art foundation, religious culture, Chinese and foreign literature and art, China traditional art, applied folklore. 

(2) the general management and cultural industry management courses, such as the introduction to cultural industries, management, cultural and economic, cultural and investment studies, cultural and trade, cultural industry management, etc.; 

(3) cultural industry creativity and planning, cultural industry management case, the protection and development of cultural and natural heritage, media management, etc.; 

(4) policies and regulations, such as economic law, cultural regulation, intellectual property rights and cultural industries, cultural systems and industrial policies, cultural regulations, case analysis, etc.; 

(5) information technology applications and management courses, such as information technology and cultural industries, network design and management, etc.. 

3. Training Objectives 

To cultivate senior specialized talents with broad cultural vision and ability of creative planning, public relations research, innovation and organizational marketing, have higher cultural and artistic accomplishment and aesthetic ability, comprehensive, pioneering and creative talents with both ability in cultural economy and management theory and practice.

4. Employment Prospects 

Cultural management departments, institutions, cultural units at all levels, all kinds of cultural enterprises, as well as a large variety of cultural business and management jobs at large cultural Multi-National Corporation. Including business management positions at many cultural industry fields, like news publishing, music industry, game animation, film and television, arts and crafts, theme parks, advertising, exhibition, cultural tourism, cultural performances, sports and entertainment, mobile phone network, education and training, culture trade, cultural policy, cultural heritage, cultural investment.






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