Literature Degree Program in China - Digital Publishing

1. Introduction

Digital Publishing refers to a new publication mode by using digital technology to finish content editing and processing, and transmits digital content products through the network; its main feature is the content production digitization, process of management digitization, product form digitization and communication ways networked. The digital publishing form of products including electronic books, digital newspapers, digital journals, original network literature, network education publications, network map, digital music, cartoon network, network game, database publications, mobile publications (MMS, RBT, mobile newspaper, mobile phone journals, mobile phone novels, mobile phone games, etc). The transmission channels of digital publishing products mainly include wired Internet, wireless communication network and satellite network.

Digital publishing is digital heritage of human culture; it is based on computer technology, communication technology, network technology, flow media technology, storage technology, display technology and other high technology based on fusion and Transcendence of the traditional publishing content and the development of emerging publishing industry. Digital publishing refers to that in the whole process of publication, takes all the information storing in digital form of uniform binary code in the disk, disk and other media, information processing and received by a computer or terminal equipment were. It emphasizes the digitization of content, the mode of production and operation of the process of digital, digital media, and the digital communication of reading consumption, digitization of learning form.

Digital publishing includes the original works digitization, editing and processing digitization, printing and copying digitization, distribution and sales digitization and reading consumption digitization, etc.

Digital publishing is a new applied subject in the background of media convergence, and it is also one of the main trends in the development of the media. Media convergence is a combination of graphic, image, network and other digital technology platform to form a diversified and interactive form of media communication.

The program trains senior specialized personnel equipped with systematic theoretical knowledge and skills of modern editing publishing, generous humanities and social knowledge and scientific knowledge, familiar with editing and publishing regulations, master the new media technology, can be engaged in the network, publishing, advertising and business units, military and other industries and sectors for books planning, editing, distribution, and management work.

2. Mobile Publishing

Mobile publishing belongs to the category of digital publishing, an important benchmark of traditional digital publishing to intelligent digital publishing, is also a traditional digital published by the popularity of the mobile network, smart mobile devices as the basis, combined with the Internet technology, computer technology, flow media, cloud storage reservoir and other advanced science and technology, sorting and optimization, processing the original copyright content from a form of publication, as users mainly shows the way for mobile app (application software).

It is more emphasis on the content of mobile, digital, production mode, operation and management and operation of the process of digital, digital media, and the digital media, the digital reading and learning. Mobile publishing in recent years has been the rapid development, the traditional publishing house, the traditional digital publishing, traditional dictionary industry, restructuring and development of the important opportunities.

3. Main Links

(1). Content planning: use digital platform for editing the content of the planning, and the internal capacity of the publication has a direct relationship between the

(2). Collaborative codification: the focus of the publication process lies in the unified management, digital synchronization

(3) Digital resources management: the digital publication of the video, pictures and other large volume, the majority of the amount of material of the system management

(4) Digital content distribution: the key to digital publishing

(5) Intelligent typesetting: improve work efficiency, mainly for paper industry

(6) Full media digital publishing: the final presentation of digital publications, as well as the presentation of the various application platforms

4. Program Characteristics

Digital publishing combines the traditional print media with the network communication taking new technology as the core, digital media organically, and it runs through the theory and practice teaching. Digital publishing network digital media editing and communication for the main direction of training, including flow media editing and communications, digital newspapers, electronic magazine, mobile video editing, mobile interview platform application in teaching and research.

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly learn about the basic technology of digital publishing and computer, receive training in digital publishing, with the actual capacity to engage in related work.

6. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic knowledge and theory of digital publishing;

2) understand the development of digital publishing;

3) understand the laws and regulations on the network and digital publishing;

4) understand the frontiers of the discipline and the prospects for development;

5) able to read classical literature, master the basic methods of literature retrieval, data query, with a certain scientific research and practical work.

7. Main Courses

Book publishing history, network communication, digital books and periodicals editing, digital publishing technology, editing and publishing introduction, web page editing, multimedia editing, publishing compliance with copyright trade, media operation and management, introduction to sociology.

8. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in books, magazines, newspapers, digital publishing and dissemination at the press and publications.


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