Science Degree Program in China - Ecology

1. Introduction

Ecology is the science that studies the relationship between living organisms and their surrounding environment (including non biological and biological environment). It has developed into a scientific research on the relationship between living organisms and their environment. Ecology is a complete and independent subject with its own research objects, tasks and methods. Their research methods have three processes: description, experiment and material quantitative. The introduction of the concepts and methods of system theory, control theory and information theory has promoted the development of ecological theory.

2. Basic Content and Classification

1) According to the biological classification

Microbial ecology, plant ecology, animal ecology, human ecology, etc

2) According to the structure of the biological system

Individual ecology, population ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, etc

3) According to the living environment category

Water ecology and land ecology; the former can be divided into forest ecology, grassland ecology, desert ecology, soil ecology, which can be divided into marine ecology, Lake Ecology and watershed ecology; and finer division, such as: plant root ecology, gut ecology.

4) Combination of ecology and non life science include mathematical ecology, chemical ecology, physical ecology, geography, ecology and economic ecology, ecological economics, forest ecological accounting; combining with other branches of life science include physiological ecology, behavioral ecology, genetic ecology and evolutionary ecology, palaeoecology.

5) Application of branches: agricultural ecology, medical ecology, industrial resource ecology, environmental ecology, environmental ecology, ecological conservation, ecological information science, urban ecology, ecosystem service and landscape ecology.

3. General Rules

Food chain


Mutually beneficial symbiosis


Material cycle

Biological evolution

4. Training Requirements

Ecology students mainly study basic theories and knowledge on the ecology, receive training in scientific thinking and scientific experiment of the basic research and applied basic research, have good scientific literacy, master the skills of modern ecology theory and computer simulation experiment, with preliminary ability of teaching, research, development and management.

5. Training Skills

1) Master the basic knowledge and experimental skills of general biology, ecology and so on;

2) Master the basic method of bioinformatics data query, literature retrieval and using modern information technology to obtain information related, with certain ability of experimental design, result analysis, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

3) Familiar with the policies and regulations of the ecological information industry policy, intellectual property and biological safety regulations;

4) understand the theoretical frontier, application prospect and the latest development trend of ecological informatics;

5) With good scientific and humanistic quality, with a strong self-learning ability, innovation ability and the ability to solve problems independently.

6. Main Subjects

Biology, environmental science

7. Main Courses

General ecology, agricultural ecology, ecological engineering and design, ecological management project, soil, plant nutrition and environmental analysis field experimental design and biological statistics, resources and environment and information technology, landscape ecological planning and design, organic food and green food, protect biological, pollution ecology, general biology, biochemistry, microbiology, plant physiology, urban ecology, project investment and assessment, etc

8. Practice Teaching

Teaching practice, production practice, graduation thesis, and the general arrangement is 8-14 weeks.

9. Employment Directions

Ecology graduates can be engaged in agriculture, environmental protection, planning, land and resources and other departments for administrative work, teaching and scientific research at colleges and universities, scientific research units and production department of science and technology, technology promotion units at all levels for management and technology promotion, at various levels of ecological agriculture, ecological engineering for the design and construction, regional agricultural development planning, design, implementation and management.


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