Business Degree Program in China - Economic Statistics

1. Introduction

Economic Statistics is an applied discipline of statistics in the economic field, takes the economic data as the research object, including the acquisition, generation and transmission of economic data, by using the statistical method to analyze the economic phenomenon behind the economic data and law of the complex economic system, so as to serve the economic and management decision-making.

2. Main Courses

Mathematical analysis, higher algebra, C language program design, database principle and application, oriented object program design, micro economics, macro economics, statistics, economic statistics, financial statistics, multivariate statistical analysis, practical analysis, sampling techniques, statistical forecasting and decision-making, risk management, securities and futures investment technology analysis, statistical software and national economic accounting.

3. Training Objectives

To cultivate senior practical talents with good accomplishment in mathematics and economics, grasp the basic theory and method of statistics, can skillfully use computer for data processing, analysis of data, can engage in the enterprises and economic management departments for statistical investigation, statistical information management and quantitative analysis development, application and management, can also engage in the risk analysis and actuarial science of all-round development in insurance, finance, investment, social security and other aspects.

4. Required Skills

1) With a solid foundation in economics and mathematics;

2) Master the basic theory and method of statistics, with the basic ability to collect, process and analyze data;

3) With the ability to analyze and solve practical problems by using computer and related statistical software;

4) Have a good sense of innovation and pioneering spirit.

5. Employment Prospects

Economic statistics employment direction can be oriented to the following four major aspects: finance, statistics, economics and accounting.


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