Law Degree Program in China - Economics Law

1. Introduction

Economics Law is a legal department that carries out overall, systematic, comprehensive and integrated adjustment on the relationship of commodity economy, a general term of laws and regulations that the modern country regulates social relations in the process of macro control and market regulation. At this stage, it is mainly to adjust the social production and reproduction process, the various organizations to participate in the basic subject of economic management relations and a certain range of business coordination. Include the following three points:

(1) Economics law is the general term of economic laws and regulations;

(2) Economics law is the general term for the legal norms regulating the economic relations

(3) Adjustment of economic law is a certain scope of economic relations.

2. Characteristics

1) Economics law is the law of state intervention in economy.

2) Economics law is the standard of social responsibility

3) Economics law is the law of the development of commodity economy

4) Economics law is the law of the purpose of the economy

5) Economics law is a comprehensive adjustment method

3. Adjusting Objects

Economics law has its own independent adjustment objects. The adjustment object of economics law refers to the social and public economic relations, which can be managed and regulated by economic law, and can be summarized as the following:

1) Standardize the economic relations in the process of economic organization. Laws of regulating organizations are to prevent the emergence of monopolies, from the organization to ensure the smooth development of the market economy. The law of this area has the company law, the law of the foreign investment enterprise, the partnership enterprise law, the individual investment law and so on.

2) Intervention of economic relations in the operation of market economy. The state’s intervention of market economy is an important way to adjust economic law, including securities law, negotiable instruments law, bankruptcy law, financial law, insurance law, real estate law, environmental law, natural resource law.

3) Manage and standardize the economic relations in the process of economic order.

4) Economic relations in economic regulation and control. The characteristic of this kind of economic relation is that the country implements the macro adjustment and control to the market economy operation, makes the economy each department operation coordination, and causes the entire national economy to run smoothly. Laws in this area are financial law, tax law, planning law, industrial policy law, price law, accounting law and auditing law.

4. Basic Principles

Including the principle of social standard, the principle of substantive justice, the principle of economic efficiency and the principle of sustainable development

5. System

1) Enterprise organization management law;

2) Market management law

3) Macroeconomic regulation and control law

4) Social security law

5) Competition law

6) Consumer Law

7) Banking Law

8) Securities law

9) Property tax law

10) Labor law

11) Land laws and regulations

12) Environmental protection law

13) Enterprise and corporate Law

14) Foreign related economics Law


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