Business Degree Program in China - Economy and Finance

1. Introduction

Economics plays a very important role in understanding and guiding the development of economy, helping people to make rational decisions in their daily work and life. As social science in science of strong discipline, development economics itself is full of vitality and to other social sciences -- especially management, law, political science development plays an important role in promoting, economics research and application has broad prospects. Finance is one of the most widely used and deeply applied fields in economics. Economic and financial studies can lay a solid foundation for a large number of career options.

2. Training Objectives

Economic and financial program aims at fostering high-level financial talents who master the knowledge and theory of the economics and financial, to apply the knowledge to related work, can be engaged in the actual work of economic and financial activities.

3. Training Requirements

Students majoring in economics and finance mainly study the knowledge and theory of economics and finance, which are subject to the basic training of the economy and finance, and have the ability to do practical work.

4. Professional Requirements

1) Has a wide range of knowledge in the financial sector, master the basic theory and skills of finance, investment, corporate finance and international financial aspects.

2) Master the modern economic analysis method, can use the economic analysis and the empirical method to study and solve the financial problem.

3) Have a solid mathematical foundation and programming ability, be able to use quantitative methods to model and analyze the financial problems.

4) Has the ability of self - learning in the field of economy and finance, through reading the latest research literature, to master the frontier of the development of the subject, and has the potential to further study.

5. Main Courses

Public basic course

Mathematics: mathematical analysis, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics. 

Information technology: C++ programming.

Management law: financial accounting, econometrics, applied statistics.

Basic courses

Micro economics, macroeconomics, monetary banking

Professional courses

Investment science, international finance, financial derivatives market, financial stochastic analysis, financial economics

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates generally enter the country's economic management departments, serve in financial institutions, securities companies, investment banks, commercial banks, insurance companies, all types of investment funds and management company, as well as in the management and financial consulting firms and large industrial and commercial enterprises.

7. Similar Programs

Finance, financial engineering, insurance, investment, financial mathematics, credit management


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