Literature Degree Program in China - Editing and Publishing

1. Introduction

Editing and Publishing cultivates comprehensive senior talents in modern editing and publishing adapt to the modern publishing industry development needs, with the system of editing publishing theoretical knowledge and skills, solid language and cultural and scientific basis, and editing digital information technology application ability, can in books publishing, journalism and communication, cultural education and enterprise culture propaganda etc. departments engaged in the dissemination of the contents of the planning, editing, publishing project management, layout and printing quality management job.

2. Training Requirements

The program focuses on the combination of theory and practice, highlighting the marketing skills of the publication of talents training. Require students to preliminary master communication and marketing theory; comprehensive system to grasp the editing, publishing, distributing the basic principle to link theory with practice, to apply the theory to solve practical problems; with broad knowledge, basic knowledge of philosophy, humanities and social science, natural science, understand Chinese and foreign publishing the history and status quo; should also have strong written and oral expression ability, master computer, Internet and other modern information technology application skills.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1), master the basic theory and basic knowledge of editing and publishing;

2), master market analysis, topic planning, text processing, publicity and promotion of knowledge and methods;

3), with strong oral and written expression ability and the ability to engage in scientific research;

4), understand the laws and regulations on editing and publishing marketing;

5), can be engaged in the information organization and release on the Internet, to adapt to high-tech conditions, the network environment of the information editing and publishing high-level talent.

6), understand the basic knowledge of Chinese language and literature, communication.

7), understand the basic knowledge of social science, humanities, management science, natural science and technology.

4. Main Subjects

Journalism and Communication Studies

5. Main Courses

Editing introduction, communication, ancient Chinese, modern Chinese, basic writing, publishing and distribution of foundation, editor of China's publishing history, book distribution, aesthetics (including graphic design), fundamental law of book, newspaper publishing editing, publishing modern technology, network publishing, intellectual property law, advertising information, market investigation and analysis, the World Book Introduction, planning topics and editing practice, publishing management, publishing economics.

The main practical teaching includes: book editing practice, periodical editing practice, publishing and printing practice, writing topics planning, book market research, office automation, and so on, the general arrangement is for 20 weeks.

6. Similar Programs

Journalism, radio and television journalism, advertising, communication science, library science, creative media, radio and TV director, international cultural exchange


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