Education Degree Program in China - Education Technology

1. Introduction

Instructional Technology is the important achievement of the scientific development of modern education; education technology participates in education process, the optimization and improvement of education process model, make the organizational sequence of education process more logical, systematically optimizes the analysis and dealing with educational and teaching ideas.

Educational technology program trains senior educational technology professionals who can be engaged in the teaching media and the teaching system design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of the discipline in the new technology field of education, including curriculum teachers in normal colleges at all levels and secondary school educational technology and the audio-visual hall, college and university educational technology staff.

2. Name Evolution

1) Visual education

2) Audio visual education

3) Audio visual communication

4) Educational technology

3. Essential Characteristics

Develop and use a variety of learning resources: personnel, data, equipment, activities, and environment

Design and organize the teaching process with the system method

The pursuit of educational optimization

Limitations of audio-visual education

Educational technology and audio-visual education

4. Subject Nature

1). Education technology is a new subject in the field of educational science, and it is a bridge linking the theory of educational science and the practice of education and teaching.

2). Educational technology is the level of technology in educational research.

3). Educational technology is a subject with a methodological nature.

4). Educational technology has obvious characteristics of applied disciplines and integrated disciplines.

5. Main Subjects

Education, computer science and technology

6. Main Courses

Teaching system design, electronic analog circuit, digital analog circuit, computer culture basis, C programming language, VB design, webpage musketeers, dynamic website construction, principle and application of database, the application of network teaching, multimedia technology, Flash animation design and production, the modern distance education of TV teaching materials, design and production, film and television art, film and television premiere production and research method of educational technology, educational communication, information technology and curriculum integration, computer network, software engineering, computer composition principle, computer aided education, enterprise training design, teaching design, teaching theory and practice of media, photography, campus network construction and maintenance, robot design, educational psychology.

7. Directions

Education informationization, multimedia courseware development, network education application, enterprise performance technology, computer software development, film and television media editing and so on

8. Practical Teaching

Media production practice, curriculum design and development practice, educational practice, the general arrangement is not less than 20 weeks. Educational practice, graduation practice, graduation design (thesis), curriculum design, skills training, and the implementation of innovative training programs for college students to carry out a variety of design, practical activities

9. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of technical education science; accept basic training in learning resources and design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of learning process, master the basic ability of the application of new technology in education.

10. Knowledge and Ability

Requirements of professional knowledge structure

1) Theoretical basic knowledge, including learning theory, teaching and curriculum knowledge, communication, system science and so on.

2) Technology basic knowledge: including audition media technology, computer and multimedia technology, communication and network technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology.

3) Basic theoretical knowledge, including audio-visual media theory, program teaching theory, instructional design theory, knowledge management theory, teaching evaluation, teaching management and other aspects of knowledge.

4) Program basic knowledge: including the basic knowledge of the basic knowledge of computer, database, data structure, program design, digital electronic technology, digital video technology, music and art.

5) Program basic skills: multimedia teaching software, network courses, websites and other resources development, production skills; teaching platform design and development skills; educational TV program photograph, recording, editing skills; the construction of education information resources, teaching systems, maintenance skills, etc.

Structural requirements for professional competence

1). Teaching system design capabilities include: teaching system needs analysis, learning their analysis, learning environment design and development, teaching content determination, analysis of teaching process, teaching scheme made and teaching evaluation and so on.

2). the design and development of teaching resources, including the design and development of multimedia courseware, network courses, websites, platforms and teaching software.

3). Media applications and evaluation capabilities: including the appropriate selection and use of the media; teaching media use effect evaluation; teaching media environment construction efficiency analysis.

4). The ability to use, maintain and manage the information teaching system, including the optimization design, organization construction, maintenance, management and application.

5). Project management and evaluation ability: including project demonstration, project operation, project supervision, project evaluation ability.

6). Educational technology research ability: master the scientific research method of educational technology, the use of educational technology ideas, methods and means to solve the problem of specific teaching ability.

11. Similar Programs

Information technology education, digital media design, network and multimedia, computer education, computer science and technology, education, pre-school education, special education, educational technology, primary education, art education, humanistic education, science education, historical education, ideological and political education, music education, electrical and mechanical technology education, secretarial education

12. Employment Prospect

1). In new technology field of education engaged in the design, development, utilization, management and evaluation teaching media and the teaching system related work in the field, educational technology personnel at all levels of the Audiovisual Library, colleges and university, audio-visual centers (stations) mainly engaged in audio-visual management, subject research, education informationization construction related work;

2). Normal and non normal school education technology engaged in education and teaching and research management;

3). Industrial enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises propaganda department, education department, enterprise staff training;

4). Primary and secondary schools, educational institutions, vocational and technical schools and other main audio-visual management, courseware making, information technology education course;

5). various levels of television stations, radio stations, video network companies, educational institutions, engaged in educational program production and photography;

6). In the direction of software engineering: design and development of educational software; software companies, state organs and all large and medium-sized enterprises, institutions of information technology department, education department and other units engaged in the field of software engineering technology development, teaching, scientific research and management.

7). Network engineering: distance education, campus network (including small and medium-sized enterprise website design resources, development and management work; to the domestic and foreign large-scale telecom service providers, large communication equipment manufacturing enterprises in technology development work can also be other enterprises engaged in the field of network engineering design, maintenance, education and training work.

8). Advertising companies, film and television companies, television stations, film and television companies, all kinds of manufacturing, services, and other types of enterprises engaged in film and television special effects, studio, TV drama production center, and other various types of institutions engaged in film special effects, film editing, photography, journalists and other work.

9). Online education institutions, online learning institutions, teaching designers, mobile learning resource developers, e-learning resource development and management, etc.

10). Engaged in educational software design and development work, publishing house editing, multimedia design, graphic design, animation production company engaged in 2D animation, 3D animation and other work.

11). Engaged in education, psychology and related work.

12). various kinds of middle and primary schools engaged in general technology teachers or all kinds of Vocational and technical education teaching and management.


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