Management Degree Program in China - Educational Economy and Management

1. Introduction

Educational Economy and Management is an emerging interdisciplinary and cross discipline, taking education science, economics, management science as the theoretical basis, using the research method of economics, management science, social studies especially the rule of the economic phenomena in the field of education, economic and management behaviors, research, educational and economic relation and its change law of development, education and research in the field of economic inputs and output rules, education by leaps and bounds, and research in the development of education management rules of science. This major aims at training high-quality talents with a solid educational economy and management theory and grasp of economics, management research methods and system of specialized knowledge, in-depth understanding of education, economy and management, with strong ability of computer application and ability of being engaged in education and scientific research at all levels of schools, education, government departments and various institutions for management, market development, research consulting and teaching.

2. Research Directions

1) Education and economy

2) Education and labour market

3) Education finance

4) Education finance and financial management

3. Training Objectives

Basic knowledge of education economy and management theory is solid, can skillfully master and use modern economics theory, management theory and educational management theory and research methods and technology, to carry out education management research. After graduation to be engaged in public administration, education administration or education finance in the field of teaching, research and management of high-level professionals.

4. Program Characteristics

1) The purpose is to study the overall and comprehensive research on the education economy and education management, and to study the development of educational undertakings and various educational phenomena from the perspective of economics, management and law and so on.

2) Pay attention to the theory with practice, the use of economics and management of these two disciplines to solve the problem of change in education, the specific methods of statistical analysis, case studies and surveys, etc.

5. Main Courses

Basic courses

Principles of pedagogy, principles of management, educational statistics and measurement;

Specialized courses

Educational economics, educational management, educational scientific research methods;

Elective courses

Study of education philosophy, educational law research, management information system design, higher education management research, adult education management research, vocational education management research, educational administration research, education policy research, school management, school routine management research, education and management, education, human resources management, curriculum and teaching management research, education research in organizational behavior.

6. Similar Programs

Administration, social medicine and health service management, social security, land resource management

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in state organs, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, relevant units, such as the school, the government's micro and macro education management and enterprise for financial management, human resource management.


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