Management Degree Program in China - Electronic Commerce and Law

 1. Introduction

Electronic Commerce and Law aims to cultivate to develop compound talents with both methods and means of modern information science and technology, but also has solid legal and management theory, can carry out business activities in a wide field in e-commerce operation and management.

2. Background

Electronic commerce is a highly innovative business operation mode based on computer network. With the development of Internet, Internet has become the world's largest and most abundant computer network information resources. Internet itself has the characteristics of open, global, virtual, free, and also become the inherent characteristics of e-commerce. The electronic commerce itself attribute determines that it will inevitably impact the original legal system, there are a series of new legal issues.

3. Practice Teaching

Including the curriculum practice, graduation practice and so on

4. Main Courses

Mathematical basic course, circuit courses, courses in computer, electronic commerce law, enterprise management theory, financial management, logistics and supply chain management, Western introduction to the law, privacy and data protection law, information security technology and law.

5. Training Requirements

Students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of the professional requirements of learning and mastering the law by legal thinking and practice of basic training, have the basic ability of using legal theory and methods of analysis and use of legal affairs and the management of problem solving, with strong network station construction and management, and application in business ability, and franchising system design, construction, operation and management of actual operation ability.

6. Knowledge and Ability

1) master the basic knowledge of information science and technology;

2) master the basic theory of management and the basic knowledge of business administration; 

3) Master the basic legal knowledge of electronic commerce;

4) master the actual technology and skills of electronic commerce;

5) to understand the operation of electronic commerce;

6) to understand the latest development and development trends of electronic commerce and enterprise operation management;

7). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query.

7. Teaching Methods

Electronic commerce and law students study the basic theory of e-commerce technology, while studying financial operations management, business management and related legal courses. Its course content also includes e-commerce Simulated company training, graduation practice, graduation thesis and other practical aspects.

8. Employment Prospects

Graduates can engage in the government management departments, franchising enterprises, franchise international organizations, academic institutions, media, relevant professional intermediaries in electronic commerce technology, operation and management, to carry out business activities, for e-commerce and its surrounding legal work.


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