Employment Prospects for international students after graduation in China

 Brief Introduction

Broadly speaking, every student, naturally, are concerned about their employment prospects after graduation. They recognize the challenging nature of the job market, the competition for valued forms of employment and understand the need to gain diverse skills and experience to improve their chances of recruitment. International students graduating from Chinese universities have urge opportunities to be recruited for job in different China-based and international companies operated in China and overseas. Similarly, companies from overseas even home country regularly target international students studying at Chinese universities. There are many advantages to work abroad after graduation in China, both full time job or casual jobs are available in home country or elsewhere. 

The benefits can be both personal and professional: you can increase your employability and develop your skills while experiencing different cultures. If you have just completed a bachelor’s master’s degree and doctoral degree program in China, you have the option of both searching a job in China or back home country or in any other country to look for a job. Overseas Chinese companies prefer to give job to someone who has completed their education in China. The main reason is that a graduate from China knew Chinese culture, language and how to communicate with Chinese employers overseas. 

How Does Studying in China Improve your Career Prospects?

Studying in China improves most international student’s career prospects in a huge variety of ways but put simply, it offers a vast array of new opportunities by moving you out of your comfort zone: the further away you move from the education system you know the more new and exciting opportunities will come your way. 

Employers in different countries look for people who have studied in China because they know that they have something to offer as studying in China drive them to try new things and built their confidence and have got quality education. This is why you should think about studying in China and you really, really should. Not only will it be exciting and fresh and new, it’ll also be a great chance to add something to your CV that not many others can match. And that, in our experience, is invaluable. The following are tips for international students studying in china which may help him/her to be easily employed everywhere: 

- Improved Contact Base

Graduating in China as the fast global economic growing country gives an international students the opportunity to diversify and expand the group of people that you know and in your career, this can be hugely advantageous.

Graduating from Chinese Universities offers international student the opportunity to meet a vast amount of his or her peers, many of whom go on to be young professionals working in a huge variety of different roles in different countries. As an international student, you get to know a plethora of other international students from a wide variety of different backgrounds, many of whom head back to their home countries after graduation. This means that you’ll be able to develop a worldwide contact base of young professionals. 

It’s not just the international students you should try to get to know, either all of the students at a university campus will one day become young professionals in one field or another, and the more contacts you have, the better one day you might need to call on the skills of one of the friends you made whilst studying. 

- Language and Culture

Getting to know another country and perfecting another language is one of the huge advantages of studying in China. Businesses are very fond of employing people who have knowledge of both eastern and western culture and languages in today’s multinational society and studying abroad will put you on the top of that specific hit list.

Today, Mandarin (Chinese language) and English  are perhaps the main business languages of the world, and being able to speak both English and Mandarin, can really make the difference when employers are short-listing for jobs. Today, China is the first country with most overseas companies. Furthermore, employers from these companies prefer to offer job to the younger professionals graduated from China. 

Cultural knowledge is something that can be underestimated by many students and professionals, but is nevertheless immensely important to businesses. Getting to know the traditions of a country and the way society works in different cultures is a great forerunner to success, and having knowledge of two or more cultures will single you out as being particularly knowledgeable. The economy continues to grow in China, more and more western businesses are interested in employing young, talented graduates from China. If you can show that you know your way around the west as well, you’ll be likely to be greatly sort-after in the job market.

Overseas organizations are often only interested in recruiting international students graduated, because they are able to satisfy recruitment needs from their own nationals. 

- The Impression Studying in China Gives

When employers review CV’s they are trying to develop an impression of the applicant in a short amount of time. A CV that shows that you’ve had the confidence and bravery to go out and get a degree in a place that’s enormously out of your comfort zone will tell a huge amount to an employer, it shows drive, confidence, and a passion to do well in your field. By showing that you have studied outside of your native country you are able to demonstrate that that you’re culturally experienced and that you perhaps can offer a level of commitment above and beyond that of your peers. Leaving behind your home life for three to four years (as an undergraduate) requires a great deal of maturity in order for your time to be used effectively and this is an attribute that employers find particularly attractive. China employer with overseas offices such as embassies, consulates, construction companies, telecommunication companies are more likely to offer jobs to international students graduated from China.

Students view their employment ideals and options in ways that are very different from the previous generation. It’s a huge step to make, but studying in China puts you in a truly advantaged place compared to the majority of your competitors in the job market. Study in China, and you’ll see what we mean.


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