Employment prospects for Foreigner with Literature degree in China

 Brief Introduction

China offers excellent opportunities for foreigners holding a literature degree. Employment market for foreigners in different area of literature is growing fast in China, and many new positions in most Chinese universities are becoming available. As China is emerging as a global financial force, these give a chance to many foreigners with different kind of skills in foreign literature, languages, cultural an opportunity to work in China. Employment opportunities become more easily for those who earned their literature degree in Chinese universities. Today Chinese citizen want to exchange more with the rest of the world and this is a major focus for the Chinese government. Therefore, foreigners with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in any Literature discipline may find employment in a wide range of professions in China, often those emphasizing research skills; analytic and interpretive skills; production of written materials; and communication, whether oral or written.
Example of employment prospects in China
- Foreigners with a degree in Chinese Language and literature are most needed as Translator, secretary, teachers for Chinese Language as a Foreign Language and other works related to Chinese language in most institutions here in China. Note that most institutions prefer to give a job of teaching other foreigner, Chinese language and literature, simply because they can easily communicate and understand each other. 
- Foreigner with a degree in foreign languages and literature are most needed in multilingual and multicultural contexts in industry, culture
institutions and bodies, media and publishing industry, translation companies, Book store and writing companies, Library etc..
In general, Literature degree holders as someone with excellent writing and communication skills have a range of employment opportunities everywhere in China. They can work in publishing, public radio, law, education, advocacy, and political institutions here in China. 
Currently, China has become Trans-cultural country, the foreigner with various cultural skills such as literature, theater, poetry, film, television, and social media in a global and multicultural context, got urge opportunities to get a job in China. 
Working conditions
According to Chinese labor law, the standard working time is 40 hours per week. In theory, the standard work week in China runs from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6pm, but in reality, overtime is the norm. All Foreigner workers in China are entitled to three national holidays, each stretching into a week of vacation: Chinese New Year (usually in late January or late February), International Labor Day (first week of May) and National Day (first week of October). 
While employees get the week off, the government mandates that workers "make up" for the holiday by working through the previous weekend (resulting in only three days off). In any case, you should ensure that your holidays are stated in your employment contract. Employment package for foreigner working any literature industry in China depend on whether you are hired as an expat from abroad, your work experience, the standard of the institutions which hired you, and your specialized area. 
Employment benefits for a foreigner Literature degree holder working in China
Healthcare: When working in China, you will certainly want a foreign healthcare package and an evacuation service. This may be included in your employment contract.
Vacations: Standard vacations in most Chinese institutions are 3-4 weeks of paid vacation per year. If you get lucky, your vacation package will also include a yearly return flight to your home country.
Visas: Most of institutions in China handle all tasks related to your visa. 
Bonuses and raises: Standard bonuses are a month salary or less. Standard raises vary from year to year, but are normally between 5-15%.
In high-level positions, you will often get a mobile phone and a car and/or driver, or at least have travel to and from work reimbursed.
Qualifications for working China
A bachelor’s degree in Literature is a major requirement and having higher education like masters or Doctoral degree increase your chance of getting a job not only easily but also in international recognized institution. 
Employers in all literature sectors are increasingly saying that they need foreigner employees who can write well and communicate. 

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