Management Degree Program in China - Engineering Management

 1. Introduction

Engineering Management cultivates senior management personnel with the basic knowledge of management, economics and civil engineering technology. Students in school will accept the basic quality training of engineers and economists to lay a solid foundation for engineering technology, management, economics, law and computer applications.

2. Training Objectives

The program is to train senior application-oriented management personnel with the basic knowledge of engineering technology, management science and economics and master the theory, method and means of modern management science, can engage in large and medium-sized enterprises, engineering technology company, international economic cooperation company, engineering consulting and assessment companies, construction companies, banks and government departments in charge of construction, scientific research and educational departments for project decision-making and management of the entire process.

3. Training Requirements

According to the basic principles of "solid foundation, broadening the caliber, paying attention to application and improving quality", the following requirements should be reached through the study:

1), knowledge requirements

Master the basic principles and related legal knowledge of management, economics; master the basic theories and methods of project management; master the basic theory and basic knowledge of investment in the economy; familiar with engineering and technical knowledge; familiar with the laws and regulations of construction project; understanding of project management science and the development dynamic.

2), basic ability

Has strong ability in language and writing expression, interpersonal communication, and analyzing and solving problems in construction management; familiar with the use of computer aided solving the problem of management ability; have basic ability in project management decision-making and management of the whole process; master the literature search, data query, the basic method, with preliminary scientific research and practical work ability.

3), the spirit of innovation

Understand the basic skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship, with strong creative thinking, entrepreneurial consciousness, innovative spirit and innovative ability.

4. Main Subjects

Management, civil engineering (or hydraulic engineering, etc.), management science and engineering, etc

5. Main Courses

Management, economics, applied statistics, operations research, accounting, financial management, engineering economics, organizational behavior, marketing, computer application, economic law, project management, engineering evaluation, contract management, project evaluation, project investment and financing, architectural history, reinforced concrete structure, building materials, urban planning, material mechanics, statics, structural mechanics, soil mechanics, surveying and so on. Engineering survey, housing architecture, concrete and masonry structure, soil mechanics and foundation engineering, construction technology and organization, road engineering, bridge engineering, operations, management principle, western economics, principles of accounting, engineering economics, engineering valuation, valuation of highway engineering, railway project evaluation, project feasibility study, real estate appraisal, international engineering contracting, engineering management information system.

6. Major Practical Teaching

Cognition practice, production practice, curriculum design, computer application and practice on the machine, graduation practice, graduation thesis (design), etc. the general arrangement is for 30 weeks.

7. Employment Prospects

The employment field of engineering management involves the management work of construction engineering, engineering construction and control management, real estate management, finance, hotels, trade and other industries. The employment field the program involves has a massive demand to talents. From the banking and securities to hotels, from the construction companies to real estate development companies, a large number of engineering construction management and related professional talents are needed, and therefore the professional personnel in the talent market are in great demand. Jobs involved in the professional field of employment are the comprehensive and systematic use of the basic knowledge in management, construction, economic, law and others, focusing on engineering construction, construction management and real estate management and development, and familiar with the relevant laws and regulations, operation and management of enterprise project development and construction projects.


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