Science Degree Program in China - Engineering Mechanics

1. Introduction

Engineering Mechanics relates to many mechanics branches and a wide range of fields of engineering and technology, is a basic science with strong theory, and has extremely close contact with engineering technology, engineering mechanics theorems, laws and conclusions are widely used in all walks of life of engineering technology, which is the important foundation of practical engineering problems. The most basic part includes statics and mechanics of materials.

2. Research Methods

Three aspects: experimental research, theoretical analysis and numerical calculation. In practice, the three methods are often used together and promote each other.

3. Research Areas

Include experimental mechanics, structural inspection, and structural experiment analysis. Model test can be divided into part model and whole model test. The field test of the structure includes the test of structural members and the test of the whole structure. Experimental research is the main method to verify and develop the theoretical analysis and calculation method. There are other objectives for the field test of the structure:

1) Verify the function and safety of the structure whether conforms to the plan, design and construction requirements of the structure;

2) Verify the soundness of the structure in the use of the stage, and the maintenance and reinforcement of the information.

4. Training Objectives

Engineering mechanics program trains senior engineering and scientific and technical personnel with mechanical basic theory knowledge, calculation and test ability, can be engaged in a variety of engineering (such as machinery, civil engineering, materials, energy, transportation, aviation, shipping, water conservancy and chemical engineering) for mechanical related research, technology development, engineering design and mechanical teaching.

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of mechanics, mathematics; receive necessary engineering skills training, with the basic ability of applying computer and modern experimental techniques to solve the engineering problems related to mechanics.

6. Knowledge and Skills

1) With solid foundation of natural science;

2) A relatively systematic grasp of the broad technical knowledge of the field of expertise, including solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, market economy and enterprise management and other basic knowledge;

3) With strong theoretical analysis and experimental skills to solve the engineering problems related to mechanics;

4) With strong computer application ability;

5) With strong self-learning ability, innovative consciousness and high comprehensive quality.

7. Main Subjects


8. Main Courses

Theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, elastic mechanics, plastic mechanics, fracture mechanics and analysis mechanics, fluid mechanics, vibration mechanics, calculation mechanics, experimental mechanics, structural mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, computer basic knowledge and program design.

9. Practice Teaching

Metalworking, electrical working, electronic practice, cognition practice, production practice, social practice, curriculum design, graduation design (paper), the general arrangement should be more than 40 weeks.

10. Similar Programs

Applied physics, engineering mechanics, earth information science and technology, engineering cost, engineering structure analysis, historical building protection engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering, food engineering.

11. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in civil engineering, mechanical control, microelectronics, energy, transportation, aerospace and other departments for scientific research, technological development and computer software engineering applications; because they have solid foundation of professional knowledge, strong analytical, problem solving ability and computer application ability, the graduates can also work in the field of high technology, such as information science, life science, new materials and others, or engaged in the teaching work.


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